Stepping Into The Season of Spring


Now that a particularly cold and nasty winter seems to be releasing us from its icy grip, Spring is here and it’s time to step into a much more vibrant and energetic season.

You may have already noticed people walking around with a little more spring in their step, as this is a season full of optimism and revitalising energy.  For this reason, many people use this season as an opportunity to get their homes and gardens for the sociable summer season ahead of us.

Now, Spring simply wouldn’t be Spring without the traditional Spring Clean where we give the house and garden a good going over then treat ourselves to something fancy from a place like Scotlight Direct to uplift and revitalise our home interior.

The concept of a Spring Clean is not particularly challenging to get your head around, though there is a science to this process, which is worth breaking down as often people feel quite overwhelmed when tackling a whole house of Spring Cleaning.

The first step in the science of a spring clean is to declutter your home; meaning sorting through your items and working out what you no determine what clothes can be given away to charity, passed on, or are so well worn they are no longer a feasible option.

If like most people you struggle with getting rid of items that hold a particular sentimental value, accept this, and understand that you don’t need to get rid of these items - you just need to declutter your home.  There’s nothing stopping you from putting them in an airtight bag and storing them in the loft.  The point is to declutter your home so that you can get organised.

The second step is all about getting organised and this isn’t restricted to material items, as this is a great time to go through paperwork and take care of things you’ve been putting off.

The third step is to thoroughly clean your home.  You might want to consider getting in a professional company to undertake a deep clean (e.g. steam the carpets) or you might prefer to do it yourself and bask in the cathartic emotional release that comes with decluttering, organising, and cleaning your home.

The final thing to consider in terms of sorting your house out for summer is the all-important garden.  Winter is a time that pretty much necessitates horticultural neglect whereas now we are coming to Spring, it’s as if the natural world is awakening and coming to life, which has a similar effect on our psyche.

It’s easy to underestimate and neglect the importance of the common garden lawn, which is, in many ways akin to the living room of your house.  As you step into the next season of summer, this is where you’ll host your barbecues and garden parties, play hide and seek, create fun waterslides... and all sorts of other fun summertime activities.

In summary, Spring is a wonderfully uplifting season that transports us to the best season of all; summer.  Hopefully, this article has helped you step into spring and get your home sorted in time for summer.

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