Surface Go make it compliment the outdoors, not replaces it

On 23rd August, Microsoft launched their new Surface Go.  A laptop performance with tablet portability.  A very stylish piece of kit indeed.

The new Microsoft Surface Go was released on 23rd August

I attended the launch of Surface Go in London and was given the opportunity to test drive the device, talk with Microsoft and listen to a panel discuss fostering creativity within the family.

Ben Fogle led a team of experts in their fields and discussed creativity and how the Surface Go fits right into this.  Gillian Binks, Surface Category Lead for Microsoft, explained how: "Creativity is about imagination".

The panel discussed how they interact with the Surface Go, how their children play and are creative and how technology is not a replacement for outdoor play, it compliments it.

Cath Prisk, an outdoor play expert, had some very valid point regarding the Surface Go and outdoor play. Cath states: "Tablets are tools to facilitate more outdoor adventures".  Something I had not taken into consideration before.

It's not about a division between tech and nature.  Cath uses various apps which can be added to the Surface Go to get the children out and about, such as Dark Skies, Ordinance apps and not to mention various blogs for ideas such as Creative Star.

Microsoft Surface Go panellists

Armed with knowledge on how we can integrate the new Microsoft Surface Go with play, we were given the opportunity to test out the tablets before returning for a lesson on Paint 3D with Paul Clarke.

The stylish new Surface Go tablet from Microsoft

The specifications for the new Surface Go can be found on Microsoft's website, but some of the key factors which struck out for me were:

  • It is very smart looking
  • The keyboard and pen are detachable, and magnetic, but are additional extras
  • The back has a built-in stand so you can view at an angle or have the tablet flat
  • The cost is extremely reasonably priced at £379
  • 9 Hrs of video playback
  • Fast charge.
  • Comes with built-in Paint 3D

The afternoon was completed with a very impressive show of the new Paint 3D program, which was run by Paul Clarke an artist, teacher and creative media expert.

Paint 3D can take your pictures, remove the backgrounds and bring your images to life by having them shown on the screen within the room you are in.  Mixing reality with the new Surface Go.

This software brings pictures to life, allowing children to be as creative as they like and bring out the artist which is in all of us.  I can see this application itself getting a lot of use in our house should we purchase the Surface Go.

Surface Go - the must-have Christmas present

I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft's Surface Go ends up on quite a few Christmas lists this year, and in comparison to the leading tablet, it is at a fraction of the price!

Jillian explains that the Surface Go comes with pre-approved MS applications, such as the Paint 3D shown on the day, so parents know the apps are safe.

William Jones, Head of Buying Technology for John Lewis compliments this statement by letting us know that John Lewis can set up your Surface Go in store to be child-friendly.

Overall the day was a success, with parents being more aware of the statics around children, technology and play and getting a first-hand experience on the tablets which went down very well.  And whilst I say I'm considering purchasing one for my son for Christmas.  I'm actually thinking of asking Santa one for myself!

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  1. Looks a nice piece of kit. Not sure I can convince my kids about nature and tech together. It seems to be all minecraft, fortnite, etc with them


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