What to include for a Rustic home

The Rustic home style is possibly one of my favourite designs to incorporate upcycled and reclaimed furniture.
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

If you have a specific room that you wish to design into a rustic area, ask yourself a few simple questions that will help guide you in the right direction.

What do you want the focal point to be?

It may well be the bed itself and Fishpools, a leading furniture brand in the south-east, have a magnificent bedstead which has been crafted from timber reclaimed from old barns, bridges and housing supports!

This bed will certainly become the focal point of any room, and as you can see from the picture below, there is also a whole furniture suite which is crafted from reclaimed timber and is within keeping of the rustic look.
Fishpool Bedstead made from reclaimed woods

Will your preferred colour schemes suit a Rustic bedroom?

If you favour dark purples, blacks or bold bright colours, these are not going to suit a room that is designed for natural looking country appeal.  Either change your theme for contemporary with modern furniture or decide whether you can sleep and relax in a room where the colours are not your first choice.

If you are already wanting a rustic room, the chances are your preferred colour scheme will already be naturals, pale pastels, whites and off whites with timber hints.

These will be the basis for the walls and soft furnishings such as bedding, throws, cushions, curtains etc.

Is sustainable and reclaimed furniture important to you?

One of the main features of a rustic bedroom is wood.   From the bed frame to the wardrobes, to the ottoman and accessories.

Source out companies who use reclaimed woods, such as Fishpools, Etsy, and salvage yards may also have the unique and original parquet flooring you seek to have, and whilst on the subject of salvage yards, they are also a good source for antique and vintage handles, hinges and curtain rails.

Timber yards may have the materials you need to make your own mirrors, shelves and bedside tables, as this is a rustic design we are aiming for, these don't need to be perfect, in fact, their imperfections will add character to the room.

Don't forget the finishes touches

The finishing touches make the room, from the handles to the night lights, to the white flowers displayed in the vintage style milk jugs.

Whatever your budget, have a look on Pinterest, and websites for rustic home inspirations, what are the small details being displayed, what lighting is giving the homely, relaxing feel of a bedroom?

I rather love these reproduction lamps which are sold by a local Sussex company Dorton Reclaim, who shows with a lick of paint in a distressed effect makes a beautiful new home for your favourite plants.

If you ask yourself the above questions you will be relaxing in a rustic bedroom in no time.  One that is designed by your own hand, and one where you can relax.  Make this your go-to room when you need to get away, where you need to relax and melt away.

*Paid partnership with Fishpools

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