How to support the small businesses of Britain

With uncertainty looming over the UK with the impending Brexit deal (or no deal), now, more than ever, is the time to be supporting Entrepreneurs and small businesses of Britain.

Today I want to tell you about the beautiful business Sweet Wild Dreams.

Sweet Wild Dreams is a small business run from the south coast of England and is here to make your homes that little bit more unique.  With art prints and original paintings created by owner Helen, you know these will not be mass produced common pieces.

The art prints are truly beautiful.

Get to know these small businesses, show your support and the pieces you buy become that bit more special.

Who is the face behind Sweet Wild Dreams?

Helen an artist living in Somerset with her husband, son and two step-children.

"Since I was a child I have always been creative and throughout my childhood I was always drawing, painting or making something.  I often depleted the whole house of paper and when I was a little older I was always raiding my mum's craft box – card, ribbon, buttons etc!

"As an adult, I thought I wanted my career to go a particular direction - but after years of feeling unfulfilled, I realised that art was always my true passion.

"I now run an online art studio called Sweet Wild Designs. There you’ll find my original paintings, art prints, home decor products, gifts and cards."

I love the idea that Helen has followed her passion and turned that passion into a business, and if you look through the pages of her site, you'll see not only some beautiful prints but home decor accessories too.

What is Helen's inspiration behind Sweet Wild Designs?

"I believe it is so important for us to fill our homes with things that make us happy, its what you surround yourself with every day that matters.

"My mission at Sweet Wild Designs is to make it easy for anyone to make their home a more beautiful and a positive place with art."

"Sweet Wild Designs is a dream that, like most dreams, is years in the making and allows me to fuel my passion for painting, drawing, graphic design and everything in-between.

"The inspiration behind my art and design comes from our natural world. I am the most inspired by nature, animals and the forms and colours that occur naturally on our planet."

Helen has drawn some majestic jellyfish, and I have two of these magnets pride of place on the fridge.  I find these fascinating to watch, and I love that Helen draws these.

With Mother's Day coming up I asked Helen what her top five products are and how we can purchase them.

"One of my floral canvas paintings would make a really thoughtful Mothers Day gift. From a mini canvas at £18 there are a few options for different budgets.
"My handmade jewellery would also make a thoughtful gift – especially the floral design earrings that have already proven quite popular!
"Another ideal gift would be one of my floral art prints, there is a nice range to choose from.

"Recently I have added a new home and d├ęcor section to my shop. there you’ll find cushions and some specially designed mugs ideal for Mothers Day."

"Don’t forget the card! New this year, I have a small selection of illustrated Mothers Day cards."

Helen has a really beautiful business in Sweet Wild Designs, and now we know a little more about Helen and the business it just makes me want to support her business in the future and what better way to start than with Mother's Day.

Don't you agree?

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  1. Some lovely items. I've certainly been supporting smaller local businesses this year since I started my journey to reduce plastic. I always used to get all my groceries from the supermarket, but now I walk to my local shops to visit the butcher, greengrocer and baker. I also go further afield to a zero waste store and I am saddened by how difficult it is for the owner to make ends meet. She is inspiringly passionate about the cause


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