Is your child starting Year 6 this year?

Did you know there is a new online course to help your family transition between Primary and Secondary school?  Did you know that as soon as your child starts Year 6 of Primary, you need to be thinking of Secondary School?

Thanks to the brainchild of Sue Atkins and Jo FitzGerald, you don't have to face this transition alone, a new online course is now available.
What you need to know about transitioning from Year 6 to Year 7
I recently met with the founders of a new online course Primary2Secondary to find out more about this new opportunity for parents to tap into transitional resources.

Who are Sue Atkins & Jo FitzGerald?

Jo FitzGerald, based in Worthing, West Sussex, is an ex-teacher who runs a couple of companies, one of which is called Tiny Sponges.

Jo's passion, which is one that has affected herself and her family’s life, is mental health and wellbeing and giving children robust resilient skills while they are young. 

As a Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Jo is trying to spread the message of robust mental health for children in schools and families.

Jo states: "I think the earlier we start teaching our children this the better".

Sue Atkins, Parenting Expert, who has partnered Jo in this new Primary2 Secondary adventure, is the author of Parenting Made Easy how to raise happy children and Raising Happy Children for Dummies, in the famous black and yellow book series.

Sue is a former deputy headteacher and class teacher for over 25 years and is now a writer, podcaster, Disney Junior UK Parenting Expert, along with Sky News and BBC Parenting Expert.

Sue is passionate about self-esteem for children.

Sue explains: " We are driven by a passion to make a difference and support families going through transition and preventing them from getting anxiety, depression, self-harming, all these big mental health issues.

“Not every child finds it difficult to transition.

“I do work with families, making that big leap to secondary school can be a difficult one”
How the online course Primary2Secondary was born

How Primary2Secondary was born

One of the inspirations behind the Primary2Secondary course was Tiny Sponge's Danish resources, which had been taken to various education shows and people were very interested in the mental health aspect and the positive mindset aspect.

Jo explains: "We had so many teachers and parents saying have you got anything on the transaction. The transaction from Primary to Secondary".

So, when the discussion of transaction periods came up whilst having coffee their passion and ideas all fitted together to create Primary2Secondary.
What to expect from the new online Primary 2 Secondary Transition course

What is the Primary2 Secondary course and how can it help Parents

Primary2Secondary is an online program.  It is designed to support parents and help parents support their children through from year 6 into year 7.

The course is designed to be with the family on that journey from start to finish.

It primarily consists of 5 modules and every module follows the journey a family will be taking.  For example, at the beginning of the journey Primary2Secondary will help guide with the process of choosing a secondary school and application process.

As the course progresses, there is help with practicalities, planning and preparing, and also emotional issues that may arise as Jo and Sue have expressed how hugely important that element is.

The online course also contains information that can be downloaded, such as information sheets, checklists, and even some worksheets which can be completed with the children.

Jo explains "It is very much about the parent and child working together".

As well as the online course, there is a private Facebook community with a lot of support at hand, including live videos with the founders Jo & Sue and monthly webinars, so it will be very interactive. For some families, if they want it, or if they have an issue they don't want to discuss in a forum, there is the option to have a 1:1 conversation with one the founders.

Primary2Secondary went live in September 2019 and is already proving popular. People can opt-in whenever they wish, but the earlier that you can join this and complete this course with your Year 6 child the better.

The Primary2Secondary course is robustly written by two people who are very passionate and knowledgeable and are here to join parents on their journey through transition.

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