One of the benefits to our new way of working

The 2020 Covid19 Pandemic has forced many of us to rethink how we attend, host and participate in events leaving us having crash courses in online conference calls using programs such as Zoom, Teams, Skype etc.

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That being said, one of the benefits of attending virtual events is being able to go!  Some of my favourite events have been held in London and therefore not always easy or convenient to attend.  With Zoom events becoming ever so popular I have been able to attend events such as the Christmas Moonpig Masterclasses, Blog On 2020 and my son has been able to continue on with Cubs.

What is Margate Bookie?

Thanks to virtual events I'm rather excited to be able to tell you guys about a local event in Kent which has been opened up to the rest of the UK!

Over the next couple of months, Margate Bookie is bringing what it’s best at – community and connection – throughout Kent and into the rest of the world at a time when it couldn’t be more important!  

Known as the friendly lit fest by the sea, Margate Bookie’s open, the welcome vibe will be transferred online, with a series of ‘Fireside chat’ events throughout October and November. With a mix of local authors and those from outside Kent, including Dean Atta, William Shaw, Irenosen Okojie and Mary O’Hara, topics range from female friendships to feminism, diversity and inclusion to translated fiction, crime writing to bibliotherapy. There really is something for everyone!

Each session is just £3.99 via Zoom or you can purchase 3 sessions for £9.99.

So what is Margate Bookie offering?

You can visit Margate Bookie's website direct to get the most up to date program listing and below is a snippet of talks you can expect.

What a great opportunity for all bookworms out there to not only hear readings but have the opportunity to sit in and participate with the Q&A sessions.
Will you be sitting around Margate's virtual fireplace this year?

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