Summer XL 1000ft Inflatable Labyrinth Challenge

This summer we headed over to Ardingly's South of England grounds to take part in the Summer XL Labyrinth Challenge.

What a fabulous day!

Where to start?  We arrived at 10am and left at 4pm! It poured down with rain from 10.15am to around 11.30 and it didn't make a difference on our day.  With an inflatable course where you're going to get wet anyway,  we didn't let the weather put us off.

The Labyrinth Challenge has two courses, one for adults and children over 1.2m in height, and one for those under 1.2m.   The course is 1000ft long and you will get wet, you will have fun and you will want to go again.

The course is booked in one hour slots and because we were there for the first slot in the rain, it wasn't busy yet which meant the boys got to go on the course 4 times in their hour slot!

When purchasing tickets you also have the option to buy entry tickets to the Circus and tokens for the other rides within the grounds.

The circus is a great show put on by Happy Circus and was lovely to sit and be entertained for an hour as we dried off from the obstacle course.  The owners make sure all the children are placed around the front seats so they get the best views, with us adults placed at the back, knowing the children are having a great time.

The circus show is on once in the morning and once in the afternoon, this works well if you have morning tickets for the challenge you can then watch the circus show in the afternoon and vice versa.

There is a stall for chips and a marquee with picnic tables for somewhere to eat.  We had brought a packed lunch with us, to be honest, I didn't think we'd still be there at 1pm for lunch, but we were!  We still had mini-golf, laser wars, bumper cars, various inflatables and fairground rides to cover yet!

The rides are token-based, and the tokens cost £1 each.  Each ride varies between 2-4 tokens per person, but I feel are cheaper than the fairground rides that travel to our local town, and depending on your budget will depend on which rides and attractions the family go on.

As I mentioned at the start, we got very wet very quickly, but also knew we'd need a change of clothes because of the course.  When we came out of the circus tent we popped back to the car for a change of clothes before venturing on to the rides and attractions. 

The only thing that disappointed me on the day was some people decided to just leave their socks in the car park and on the floor of the grounds rather than coming prepared and just packing them away.

Everyone who I spoke to who had been to this event had a brilliant time and wanted to do it again.  The children absolutely loved it and came home with big grins, warm socks and tired bodies.

I highly recommend this day out if it comes to a town near you.

"I think it made it more fun in the rain" William, aged 9.

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