Creating a pond for children

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Just before Christmas, I joined the family up to The RSPB.  We have Brooks near to us so membership seemed like a great way to ensure we get out and about with nature.

When you join the RSPB, you receive activity packs the whole family can get involved in and at the end of last year we created our bug hotel under the guidance of the RSPB's booklet.
using RSPB giving nature a home booklets

But now it was time for our next challenge - to create a mini pond and I've been looking forward to creating this with my son since we bought our £2 washing bowl from B&Q.

using RSPB giving nature a home booklets for a mini pond

As I imaged my son was very keen to dig a hole in the garden, he rehomed all the worms he found and placed random bugs in the hotel!

digging our mini pond

He got bored.

I was left to dig our hole, granted it wasn't a big hole but took long enough for my son to ask me why I hadn't finished his pond yet!  He's very much a hard task master that one :-)

Once our bowl was straight, we added in some pebbles across the bottom and stones up one side to be used as stepping stones should any little creatures fall in and stones around the top.  We added twigs as ladders and a little water plant to finish off the pond.

creating our mini pond

creating our mini pond

The fun part began - we filled our pond up with rain water which had been collected in a bucket, I knew I had that bucket left out for a reason......

As you can see from the picture below, my son also thought the pond needed some mud!  The control freak in me wanted to stop him, but I just let it go, it's his pond after all.....

filling our mini pond

The mud soon settled down.

filling our mini pond

We love our little pond and check it daily, we clean it of leaves and check nothing has fallen in.  It's a great little conversation piece and gives my boy some responsibility of his own that he loves.

Then, whilst we were in town a couple of weeks ago The Works were selling some fabulous little beach house money boxes and it was my partner who suggested we get some to make a beach scene around the pond!

And so we did.

creating a beach scene round our mini pond

I think these finished off the pond perfectly.

This is a great little pond, we've had such fun making it and I would highly recommend this if you have space in your garden.

Thanks to RSPB's giving nature a home booklets we now have a bug hotel, mini pond and a hedgehog house (that we bought).  Our garden is really beginning to feel homely now.


  1. That looks adorable! I love your little beach scene

    1. Thanks Alice, highly recommend one of these, my boy loves it.


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