How my sandwich bags ended up as gift bags

Beeswax sandwich bags was a new project I was very keen to learn, but my sewing machine had other ideas.
When beeswax sandwich bags go wrong - make gift bags

The Day I Made A Jumpsuit Out Of The Marauder's Map

We all know that I didn't make this in a day, and it wasn't the actual Marauder's Map, but it was the fabric of the map, and it may have taken over three weeks.
The Day I Made A Jumpsuit Out Of The Marauders Map

What are the stages of Chicken Pox

The stages of Chicken Pox
For 3 years my son had been attending nursery; in prior years I'd seen the notification for the number of Chicken Pox cases in the building go up and I wondered if Max would catch it.  As the prior years pass I wonder if he's immune to Chicken Pox or whether he'd had it so mild that I hadn't noticed or if that one spot on his face was the one and only........