How to make practical face coverings from fabrics around the house

As England comes out of its second lockdown and into the new tighter Tier system for the foreseeable future, one thing is certain, we are still wearing face covings when entering shops, travelling on public transport, and anywhere else where a covering is required.

I'm not a fan of the disposable masks; I see so many of them on the pavement on the school run it's heartbreaking and we often do a weekend clear up around our streets!  I don't think some of the dropped masks are intentional, have you tried getting one of those masks out of a pack of 3?  Sometimes they all come out!

Will you miss the random Tweets from Donald Trump? I know I will

Well, the year 2020 has certainly given us many events to talk about from lockdowns to home-schooling to the return of Covid19 which hadn’t died out the first time around.

For me, the most astonishing event this year has been the denial from the 45th American President, Mr Donald Trump, that he lost the 2020 election and will not be spending a second term in office. 

The American election vote took place on 3rd November but the results were long in coming and drawn out. This extra amount of time for counting had been put down to the fact that many more Americans had used the postal voting system this year due to the Covid19 pandemic.

Ministry of Sound Classical is coming to Bexhill in 2021

Want something to look forward in 2021 other than the hope of a new vaccine for Covid19, bursting social bubbles and a summer in the sun?  

Arial shot of Ministry of Sound Classical tour

How about something completely different?  Not just a classical music show, but a Ministry of Sound first ever fully produced classical music show to the biggest dance tracks around!