My Summer 2018 Must Watch list

I think I'm finally coming to terms with Avengers - Infinity Wars now!  We watched this movie the only way that this one could be watched for us - at the iMax in 3D.  MASSIVE screen, 3D and sounds to make you feel like Iron Man is whispering in your ear!   Only to have your heart ripped out at the end... *should that be a spoiler alert?*

A Lady has the Floor - a children's book for the next generation

This week marks the 101 anniversary of Belva Lockwood's death.  Belva died on 19th May 1917 at the ripe old age of 87.
The lady has the floor is a lovely new children's book featuring Belva Lockwood

Who was Belva Lockwood and why is she relevant to a children's book review?

Belva Lockwood spent her entire life fighting for equal rights, not just for women but for all people.  Her clients were often outsiders - widows, veterans, Native Americans, former slaves - who like Belva had been denied their rights.

Lovely new children books released in April plus a Giveaway

April has seen the release of some lovely new children books, and we have had the good fortune of reading through these new releases recently, and I even have a couple of these books to giveaway to a fellow reader.

I've summarised below the new books and our thoughts on each one.

Win these 2 new children books released in April 2018