I Absolutely love Geek Girls Don't Cry by Andrea Towers

What does it mean for a woman to be strong? Especially in a world where our conception of a “hero" is still so heavily influenced by male characters like Batman, Spider-Man, and Superman? Why do we know about the depression Batman experiences after losing his parents but not Princess Leia’s grief after unexpectedly losing her home planet of Alderaan? Why do we know about the alienation Superman experienced after being sent away from his home planet of Krypton but not Supergirl’s trauma which came from the same experience?
Must read for any fangirl - how Geek girls dont cry
Author: Andrea Towers / ISBN: 9781454933397 / Publisher: Sterling / Pub Date: Jun2019

The Day I Created An Outdoor Chessboard

When the rain finally stopped, I created a new chessboard for our outdoor pieces, and just check out the finished product....
Creating a chessboard with PintyPlus paint

Ancient Egypt Adventure Activity Book

Button Books is excited to present The Ancient Egypt Adventure Activity Book, a brilliant new activity book from the same creator of the Pirate Adventure Activity Book, Dinosaur Adventure Activity Book and Castle Adventure Activity Book.
Ancient Egypt Activity Book - the perfect companion for kids
Author: Jen Alliston / ISBN: 9781787080362 / Publisher: GMC Publications / June 2019