Bond of Eternity Book Review

Bond of Eternity is book 2 in Roxan Burley's Equal Rise Series.  A fantasy, dystopian novel set in today's world.

Equal Rise Series books by Roxan Burley

The series is from the fantasy genre but set in our universe - the UK to be specific - that sees mythical creatures such as elves, trolls, dwarves and gargoyles, yes, I'm seeing gargoyes in a whole new light now, living in a world with mortals - us humans, and how a divide has formed since the war and now some higher ranked "myths" have had enough!

15 Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Fathers shouldn't be hard to buy for, but for some reason, I struggle to find that perfect gift for my son to gift his dad.  I ask the dreaded "What would you like for Father's Day" question and I'm usually greeted with, "Oh nothing, I'm fine"!

Father and Son at the Beach

So I've had a think back to which gifts have been very well received and compiled my Top 15 Father's Day Gifts, I hope you find it useful!

Fanning Fireflies Book Review

While Fanning Fireflies is the 3rd book in LS Delorme's Limerent Series, it can be read as a stand-alone book - along with the prior 2 books; Caio and Bright Midnights.

Fanning Fireflies Book Cover

Using the Loklik Cutting Machine

Over the past month, I have been trying out the Loklik Cutting Machine, gifted by Loklik as a review, and now that I've finally got to grips with it - it's very addictive!

From adding labels to storage containers, and personalising water bottles to creating quoted bookmarks, there is no end to what you add a little of yourself into with one of these cutting machines.

Loklik cutting machine

Where to buy gluten-free cakes

Are you looking for gluten-free cakes for yourself or as a present?  How about a different type of office "thank you" gift or an alternative to Easter Eggs?  

We have been sampling some of Honeybuns' flapjacks and cakes from one of their traybake selection - and oh my days - These are delicious!

Honeybuns mix of glutenfree cakes in an tray back form

The must have family board game of 2024

Do you enjoy the new Ant & Dec quiz show Limitless?  Well, the show has now been turned into a family board game for 2024 and it has not disappointed!!

Limitless Win Board Game