Are we not yet past calling Bully dogs scary?

Over 31,300 people have shared the same view as me and campaign organiser Micky Layton.  There is no place for beautiful, kind and soppy English Bull Terriers to be branded as a scary dog in a children's book.

Depicting EBT as a scary mean dog in a childrens book

Win a Happy Cute Surprise Bag!

The Kawaii Group have just launched a new website called Happy Cute Shop.   A shop full of adorable stationery, accessories, squishies, plushies and much more.  The perfect gift shop with the run up to Christmas.

How to make a Fabric Skull for Halloween decor

How to make a flat skull image from fabric - by

Before I went on my dressmaking course, I was a big fan of no-sew glue!  (I still am really).