No Number Nine by FJ Campbell Guest Post and Giveaway

No Number Nine is the perfect read to get you in the mood for the Olympics.  What do you do when your amazing, beloved sister dies? Hide in your room for two years. Sleep with a very, very wrong man. Leave home and start a new life, lying to everyone you meet including your kind employer, your curious friends and the man you love? 

Pip Mitchell’s an expert at making seriously bad decisions. But when her past, present and future collide at the Sydney Olympic Games, she’s going to have to decide whose side she’s on – or she’ll lose everyone she loves

No Number Nine is currently being run as a book tour at the following blogs, please do check out the reviews on this fantastic read.

Below is a guest post from author FJ Campbell for those who want to know more from the author.

Why I'm glad I took my baby to the dentist with me

My 9-year-old son has just had 3 teeth out!  I know how that sounds and before anyone judges me on what my son has been eating and drinking, these teeth were taken out because they were showing no/slow signs of coming out on their own and his adult teeth were not able to come through!

The Strand Dental in Worthing

This is not the first time this has happened on a routine check-up at the dentist.  Two years ago, my dentist's colleague took out Max's front baby tooth.  The adult tooth was coming in behind it, but the baby tooth wasn't moving!  When he pulled the tooth out it still had a root on it the size of the tooth!  No way his adult tooth was coming through with that in the way!

Learning How To Leave by Michael Padraig-Acton #Booktour

I don't know where to start with this book!  I'm blown away by how amazing it is!  It has me thinking about it when I'm not reading it.  It has me finding spare time that I don't have during the day to read a chapter.  It has me sharing little snippets on Instagram stories almost daily, and it also has me recalling memories that I thought were long since buried from a life that is long since dead.

Photo courtesy of LitPR

Learning How to Leave is the first in a set of "Power of You" books and is written in a style that is a practical guide to stepping away from narcissistic and toxic relationships.