Forest School Adventure and Forest School Handbook

Oh wow!  There is a new style of book in town and it is packed full of Outdoor Skills and Play for Children!

I am talking about the Forest School Adventure and now the Forest School Handbook by Naomi Walmsley and Dan Westall.  These books are packed full of practical ideas for getting your children outside.  It is your essential companion for helping play, craft and learn about the natural world around us.  With the bonus of the Handbook being the perfect backpack size.

Authors: Naomi Walmsley & Dan Westall
ISBN: 9781784944032 / Publication Date: June 2018 / Price £16.99

GMC Publications • May 2023 / RRP £14.99 • Paperback with flaps 
For kids aged 5 – 11 • ISBN 9781784946654

New books to help explain Migrants and War to children

Two very heavy words dominating the news and conversations around the country at the moment are Migrants and War.  Words that reach young ears and prompt very important questions such as "What is a Migrant? Why is there War".

Not every parent will know how to answer these questions, we are not all "perfect parents of Insta".  We can explain the best we can, give our views and try and guide our children, but we don't need to do it alone thanks to Eduard Altarriba and Button Books.
What is War? Migrant books for children
What is War? April 2023 • PB with flaps • RRP £9.99 • for kids aged +8 • ISBN 9781787081284
Migrants April 2023 • PB with flaps • RRP £9.99 • for kids aged +8 • ISBN 9781787081291

Dressing as Finnick from Hunger Games for World Book Day

This year is the last year my son will be dressing for World Book Day at school.  He is now in year 6, the final year, of his Primary School and many of his peers have already stopped dressing up or opting for spy costumes.

My son wanted to go as Finnick from Hunger Games, a challenge in a completely different way to his megamonster costume.

Quick and Easy Craft Ideas to do with Toddlers

Easter Kids Craft

With spring just around the corner, it can only mean one thing - Easter is coming!  

Now What: Education, Career and Life Choices

Amazon bestselling author Edd Williams has written Now What? Education, career and life choices.

Now What? is a reference book and guide offering practical advice to teenagers as they approach key decisions regarding their future.

How to make Quick and Easy Draught Excluders for doorways

Even though sewing is my hobby, I appear to accumulate quite a lot of spare/scrap material.  I use what I can as dusters or cloths for cleaning and larger pieces I put up on the local FreeUp / Olio site to see if others want them, but what I've also found is these pieces are great as stuffing and for making draught excluders.

Not a home decor piece that I've had to have in my last couple of homes, but the house we currently live in is draughty and you can feel the cold air around your feet.  So with my spare fabric, I made some quick and easy draught excluders for both the back and front doors.