How to create a beautiful flower picture with the children

creating a flower tree inspired by cherry blossom

The theme for April's Bostik Blogger challenge is FlowersAs we were away in the New Forest for Easter, I decided to take our crafting with us and see what inspired us.

Getting the Most out of Professional Print Services

There really is nothing quite like the joy of creating something from scratch.  Many people get totally hooked once they try crafting.  Taking relatively boring materials and turning them into something interesting or beautiful is very fulfilling.

In time, your friends and families will be keen to own your creations.  You soon learn that your wall hangings, rugs, ornaments, paintings and drawings make great gifts.

Let print firms help you to create great gifts 

Some of the best Easter Egg hunts aren't always run by big companies!

This year, one of my favourite charities HFT put on various Easter Egg Hunts around the counties with Kent being their biggest and most popular.

Unfortunately, we were unable to get over to Kent for the main event, but we were able to pop up to the Sussex Orchards on the 4th April for a mini event.