Learning new skills with the Salvage Sister

I love to learn, so when a course popped up in my email to learn pallet lettering with the one and only Salvage Sister Charis Williams - I was booked on it before you could say upcycle!

How to Shop for Big and Tall Sizes

If you regularly shop for big and tall sizes, you already know it’s frustrating.  A lot of big and tall retailers assume that if a man is big, he’s also tall, and vice versa.  But that’s not always the case.  You can be one or the other, you can be both, and you can have your own unique needs.
Photo by Fancycrave on Unsplash

We Love The Plant, Sow, Make And Grow Book

With Spring just around the corner, Esther Coombs new book Plant, Sow, Make & Grow has come at the perfect time for budding gardeners.
Plant, Sow, Make & Grow - Mud-tastic Activities for Budding Gardeners
Author: Esther Coombs / ISBN: 9781787080249 / Pub: Button Books / March 2019