Now What: Education, Career and Life Choices

Amazon bestselling author Edd Williams has written Now What? Education, career and life choices.

Now What? is a reference book and guide offering practical advice to teenagers as they approach key decisions regarding their future.

How to make Quick and Easy Draught Excluders for doorways

Even though sewing is my hobby, I appear to accumulate quite a lot of spare/scrap material.  I use what I can as dusters or cloths for cleaning and larger pieces I put up on the local FreeUp / Olio site to see if others want them, but what I've also found is these pieces are great as stuffing and for making draught excluders.

Not a home decor piece that I've had to have in my last couple of homes, but the house we currently live in is draughty and you can feel the cold air around your feet.  So with my spare fabric, I made some quick and easy draught excluders for both the back and front doors.

Make it personal this Mother's Day

Those who celebrate Mother's Day know that it traditionally has been about spending time with your mother, grandma or mother figure for days out, afternoon teas or sending flowers and chocolates.

Some of us no longer have that privilege, so I urge those that do, to take the time for/with your mum.
Make it, Eat it and Create a memory Gift Guide for Mother's Day

A lot of mums will say "oh, I don't want anything, I don't need anything I have you", "don't waste your money, just some flowers/card" or "I just want your time".

Repurposing an old coat into a dog coat

I've had such fun with this!  I've tested myself to create this coat for my dog.  It involved adjusting the dog coat pattern I already owned and freestyling the coat based on the charity coat I bought.

Using an old coat to turn into a Dog Coat

My dog seems to be longer than the average dog pattern or dog coats sold!  I feel his pain, I have longer legs than "regular" and it can be a right pain when you find something you really like only for it to come up short!  That's what seemed to be happening with him.

How we made David Walliams' Megamonster Character!

This was possibly my last year to make a World Book Day costume, and we ended on a biggie.

Once the email from the school came out in February that they would be doing World Book Day and costumes were optional, I asked my son what his favourite book was and what he wanted to go as.


What to do with the kids : Bored Box Review

At the Top Drawer exhibition in January, I came across a lovely up-and-coming company called Pikkii

Their stand was one of the best and filled with quirky, innovative products, a brand I am sure will go far. 
Pikkii Bored Box Display