Rachael Jess is a family site showing you how much fun you can have as a family

From bad money choices, being in an extremely toxic relationship and heavily in debt, I picked myself up and started my life over again with a wonderful man and back in 2011 we had a beautiful baby boy.

I learnt very quickly how to make fun times with my newborn child on a shoestring.

From saving my pennies, making games and rescuing furniture from landfill to do up, our child-friendly home is a happy, loving environment for my son to grow up in.

Fun days out, activity learning through play, reading and Fandom fun is now in our DNA.  And we are here to share with you how you too can have a rich life through love, play and on a shoestring.

Find out about my latest Craft Projects that you can do too

Want to know our thoughts on Books, Toys and Family Products?

Follow the antics of a crafty mum, making the most of family times,
through love, play and being together.

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