What are the stages of Chickenpox

It was in his third year of nursery that my son caught Chicken Pox.  In prior years, I'd seen the notification for the number of cases in the building go up and wondered if this would be the year my son would catch it.  

As the prior years pass I wonder if he's immune to Chicken Pox or whether he'd had it so mild that I hadn't noticed or if that one spot on his face was the one and only, I was very wrong!

Photos of Chicken Pox in their various stages
The stages of Chickenpox

When they came, they came in force!!

Day 1 and you just know that spot, that spot right there looking a bit pus-filled, rather round and looking NOTHING like a white head... that could well be the start, and then within the hour of seeing that one spot on the back of the neck, a friend appears near the ear.  

My boy was in good spirits, he was happy, laughing, driving me crazy so maybe that's just a spot, so let's check the tummy.

Oh, here we have 3 spots that seem to appear before my eyes and off to the chemist I go to get some Calamine lotion and top up on Calpol.

Day 1 of Chicken Pox Spots
The first chickenpox spots to arrive
Day 2 and we had a few more spots appear in what felt like every few hours!  The spots were also starting to appear on my boy's scalp causing him to scratch his head quite fiercely.  I managed to get him to stop scratching but he replaced it with rubbing or 'stroking' as he called it.

Day 2 of chicken pox
Day 2 of chickenpox
Day 3 and by the afternoon my boy was starting to feel the effects of  Chickenpox.  We had spent the morning in the fresh air and had a picnic out in the garden but by early afternoon the events had started to take their toll.  

My boy spent the afternoon confused, complaining of a sore throat and generally being uncomfortable in his own skin.  He slept at random points in the day, drank lots and lots of water and spent the afternoon having lots of cuddles and love.

Day 3 of Chicken Pox
Day 3 of Chicken Pox
Day 4 was the worst day for my boy, he was very quiet and spent most of the day watching films in bed.  Spots had started to appear in his mouth and on his lips which was making it difficult for him to smile.  He continued to be confused and uncomfortable and spent most of his time just his underwear.  He did seem to enjoy putting the cream on and welcomed his Calpol today.

It was around now that we explained to him that these spots would not be here forever, and would soon start to scab over and then disappear.  We explained the cream was to help with the itching and if he could resist the urge to scratch or pick them we would treat him to an extra special present.  He chose Jurassic World Lego.  

For me, this was my worst day.  I know how that sounds, and it's not about me, but it is, it's about me, my partner and my son.  It's about us, as his parents helpless and just being put on the sideline whilst our baby boy suffers from this horrid disease.  

My boy was really struggling this day with his throat.  I called the doctor and was told to continue to keep him cool, give him cream for the itching and Calpol for temperature but if I was concerned to bring him in.
Day 4 Chicken Pox
Our worst day - Day 4 of Chickenpox
Day 5 and the first of the spots had started to scab over - thank goodness, but we are also getting new ones just starting to blister.  

Max started to feel better in himself on day five, but still contagious and so restricted to our garden.

Day 5 Chicken Pox
Day 5 old chickenpox scabbing and new ones still coming out.
Day 6 and my boy is back to being himself, such a relief to me, he can drive me batty as much as he likes right now!  

Still waiting for the last spot to scab over before taking him out, and it is the quarantine period that is now starting to take its toll on him.

Day 6 chicken pox
Day 6 Chickenpox starting to scab over
Day 7 Photos of Chicken Pox in their various stages
Day 7 Scabs
Finally on Day 8 the last of the spots that had come out, which were on his feet and some rather large ones at that, decided it was time to scab over and allowed us all to go out and about again!!

Day 8  Photos of Chicken Pox in their various stages
Stomach clearing up nicely
Day 10  Photos of Chicken Pox in their various stages
Still there, first of his spots 10 days later
Day11  Photos of Chicken Pox in their various stages
Day 11 and slowly fading away.

Day 14  Photos of Chicken Pox in their various stages
Day 14 and the first of the spots are finally beginning to fade away.
We had a horrid time with these spots.  Apparently, I had it really bad when I was a child but I don't remember, all I remember is being promised a pull-along telephone if I didn't pick any of my spots - and you know what, in cases like this, I'm all for bribery!  

I never picked my spots and my son never picked his!

I've summarised below the stages of my boy's Chickenpox - it was not a pleasant couple of weeks, but crafting, movies and lots and lots of love got us through it.

I hope you find this information useful.  I recommend lots of love, lots of cuddles and lots of understanding.

Photos of Chicken Pox at various stages
The stages of chickenpox


  1. AnonymousMay 09, 2016

    This is very informative but I wish I hadn't read it until the pox had gone, lol. We're only on day 2 and now I'm dreading days 3/4/5. So many kids at my son's nursery have it at the moment so I'll share this to FB for them :) x

    1. Oh sorry about that, hope your little one is taking it all well so far. I found day 4 the worse for us, but I'm sure it differs for each child. Best wishes to your little one x

  2. Brilliant timeline. Really useful and not scaremongering like a lot of people. My daughter is on day 2 and I'm on day 1 by the looks of it. Yes we both have it. She is 1 and I'm 30.

    1. Sorry to hear you have chickenpox too Tom, I hope your recovery is as fast as your daughters - lots of rest where you can x

  3. AnonymousJune 14, 2017

    Thanks I've been constantly googling chickenpox found your day by day guard a massive help. Currently on day 2 after finding that massive motherspot, 12.30am and my poor dd age 5 is having a tough itchy night. Feel so helpless it's awful, day 4 tomorrow not looking forward. Thanks for your blog day to day match what we are going through right now! X

    1. Thank you for your comment, if it's any consolation they bounce back so quickly! I do hope you have a garden or a nice quite location you can take DD today to enjoy the sunshine and just wait it out :(

  4. AnonymousJune 21, 2017

    Thank you for your blog.My son is on day 5 and they are drying out nicely with the help of bicarbonate of soda in the bath.It has been hell for him in 30 degree heat.

    1. I'm sorry to hear your boy has had chicken pox in the middle of a heat wave! Get well soon x

  5. AnonymousJune 26, 2017

    Thank you so much! My little girl is on day 2 I was relieved to find your photos. Her spots are 'atypical' apparently so finding your timeline shows me they are not so 'atypical' at all! phew...

    1. Thank you for your comment. I'm pleased it has helped, my boy got really fed up with my taking pictures of his spots, but I wanted it to help others, and to put people's mind at rest, that we had it bad, but we got through it OK - well Max far better than me x

  6. I'm an adult but thanks for this log!!!

  7. I found this more helpfull than the nhs website.... Thank you x

  8. Having reached day 4 i just hit the internet to find out how many more days this is going to get worse for!!
    Reassuring to read you blog and see your photos which are very similar to my little girl and also know that we are hopefully at the worst and things will hopefully start improving soon.
    Great blog, Thankyou x

    1. Thank you for your message, I do hope your little girl is now over the worst of it. X

  9. Just read your post. We are on day 3 with 22 month old daughter
    She is running around wild. Slight fever today but unless you saw the spots on her back you wouldn't think there's anything wrong.
    This is the second time for us as 12 days ago my 6 year old had it. She was unwell for 48 hrs before any spots appeared and by day 3 in the afternoon was starting to feel unwell. Then day 4 and 5 she broke out a lot more complained of feeling sick with a headache etc. By day 7 she was over it with most starting to scab and no new break outs.
    I knew my toddler would get it soon.
    But I'm just hoping she carries on the way she is....i know there's probably worse to come in the next day or so though 😟

    1. Oh no, I'm sorry to hear your 6 year old struggled with this. If only we could take that pain away from then and go through it for them. Best wishes for your toddler xx

  10. Hi didn't want to read and run! We're on day 4 with my little one as she's doing ok, I have a 6 year old who hasn't had it so presuming she will catch it although not sure how long before she doesπŸ€”
    Your blog has been great and I agree it was much easier to understand than the NHS one! Thank-you

    1. Thank you very much Laura, much appreciated.

  11. Hi this is a fantastic post - I found it though a Google Image search for chicken pox as my daughter currently has the dreaded pox. I also stumbled across another website which appears to be using your images - you might want to request they remove them or send them an invoice, if you didn't give them permission - http://chickenpox.me/stages-pictures-photos-images/


    1. Thank you for your comments Lynne and the notification! I'll get that sorted x

  12. My daughter is 6 months old. I got the spots all over I am on day2. She started with the first spot today. She didn't get her vaccine done yet as she is down with fever before. I am worried about her and she is still mother feeding. Can someone please help.

  13. AnonymousMay 16, 2022

    This is a super useful post, thank you! I know it can be different for different people but it’s still really helpful to see a day by day timeline as an example of how long it takes spots to appear and heal etc.

    1. You're welcome, I would suggest you do keep an eye on them though, and if you're not happy contact your doctor for further advice.

  14. AnonymousJune 01, 2022

    Thank you. This is very useful. I was concerned as the spots seemed to get darker and angrier as the days went on but it seems to be normal. Thank you for putting my mind at rest.

  15. I am in day 7 but I did not see much difference from day 5-6 the scabs are not falling naturally :( hope day 8 might be good

  16. My 18month old is on day 4, last night was hell as she kept scratching and nothing seemed to help. It’s good to know she is hopefully coming out the other end soon as she is so upset with it. Thank you for sharing ❤️

  17. AnonymousJuly 11, 2023

    Great blog thank you! So glad i came across it, my girl is probably day 4.
    Last night was horrific for her can't see her take another one of those.
    Hoping tonight is better 🀞🏻
    I found for her last night, the only thing to give relief was Eurax anti itch cream. Dabbed that on and seemed to settle her for a while.
    Waiting for 20 month old son to be next in the firing line! 😩
    Thanks again, going to try the bicarb bath, is that to help dry the spots do you know? Xx

  18. This is the most helpful piece of information that I have come across for chicken pox. Hours and hours of searching and this is exactly what I was looking for! Your day 5 description and pictures brought me so much peace, my daughter had looked nearly identical to your son on each of the days so far. Ty again!

    1. So pleased this has helped you find peace. It's so hard watching our babies go through this isn't it.


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