How I Made The Fantastic Mr Fox Costume

Last year we'd been reading quite a lot of Roald Dahl, so I wasn't completely surprised when my son asked to go to school for World Book Day as The Fantastic Mr Fox.

Creating fur legs for book day costume

I hadn't intended on using teddy fabric for the outfit, I was going to use a woolly cardigan I'd bought from the charity shop, but I just fell in love with this fabric!  Isn't it just perfect!  My most expensive buy of the outfit, but truly worth it.

I used a pair of my son's joggers as a template for the trousers, and with guidance from Gluesticks, I was able to make these fabulous legs that my son is never out of!

What clothes does Mr Fox wear?

This proved more difficult than legs.  I bought the waistcoat for 75p from a local charity shop, and the shirt is one of my son's school shirts but I was struggling with the coat, as I really wanted a tailcoat like the drawing.

Whilst roaming in the Guild Care charity shop, I found a size 6 New Look dress - six!!  A denim button-up dress, perfect to turn into a coat.  I cut the front and gave the back a couple of tails and just like that, Mr Fox has his coat.

How to make Mr Fox face mask and tail

The tail was a long piece of fabric stuffed with wadding, but I didn't want a Velcro tail as it wouldn't last five minutes at school, so I made it more into a belt to tie on.

For the mask, I followed the instruction by the very talented Handmade Charlotte, the template is spot on.

Finally, we bought some fingerless gloves and attached teddy fur to them to complete the outfit.

He really did look fantastic!


  1. Max looks brilliant. We've got past the stage of book costumes now, but I could only do really simple stuff


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