Is Pet Insurance really worth it??

I have had pet insurance for my two Staffies since they were 2 months old!

Staffie Puppies

When Mally passed away last year he was 3 weeks shy of 11 years old and due to his illness his vet bill was in the region of £750!

Staffie Puppies
Obviously, this is a huge amount of money but any dog owner will tell you this is the reason why you get insurance - peace of mind!


When I claimed on Mally's insurance I nearly fainted when I saw the letter stating £330 had been paid back to me for my claim - WHAT?? HOW??

After having a tantrum which closely resembled something my son might have the minute we walk into Tesco I called the insurance company and asked/demanded/screamed - can't quite remember which - 'How on earth have they justified not paying out more than £330 for a £750 bill'???

Here's how:

1.  25% is deducted due to the fact my boy was over 10 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!
2.  £150 excess was taken off
3.  Some random Vet contribution of 15% was taken off

Oh and the 'extra' that if your pet dies they will pay out £300 - gets wavered....when your pet is over 10 years old!!

So, for 10 years I've been paying in approximately £25 a month to the insurance company in the safe knowledge that if anything goes wrong and I have a huge vet bill to pay - I'm covered - NOT!!

Staffie Puppies Needless to say in my complete tantrum mode I cancelled Athena's insurance ON THE SPOT.  I got asked "May I ask why you are cancelling" I shit you not I got asked that!!!

That was October.

Today Athena's vet bill came at £170.

If I use the insurance 'get out of paying' calculations above - I'd have ended up owing them money!

What I have been doing is putting Athena AND Mally's monthly insurance payments into a separate cash plus prepayment MasterCard since October 2013.  Safe in the knowledge that when I took Athena to the vets I had money on the card to cover the bill.

So ask yourself, is your pet insurance really working for you?  I highly recommend looking into a prepayment card.

We used one when we went on holiday and I now have one for Athena's bills.  I find them a great way to save.

Staffie Puppies


  1. It's a complete rip off. My husband is paying £25 a month for our (his actually) dog and I keep telling him exactly that. Put it in to an account. If you never need it BONUS, if you do you've got it.

    1. I was so upset with the insurance company. I have a card for Athena and leave it in a drawer its just a prepayment card so acts as a savings account.

  2. I completely understand where you're coming from but surely this is all mentioned in the terms and conditions? i think that's half the problem, people don't read into things before going about it and have a nasty shock. At least you got some of it back from the insurance. i agree with the prepayment card much easier. If im honest i don't have insurance for my rabbit (granted more things happen with dogs) but im quite willing to pay for it because at the end of the day what if there wasnt insurance companies? Just my opinion but i feel like if you cant afford to keep an animal, maybe you shouldnt have one? (note £750 is a lot of money and randomly thrown at you in those cases) x


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