Review: Santa Claus The Musical at Worthing

Worthing Pavillion is currently showing Santa Claus The Musical, and I must admit I had seen it advertised but also dismissed it!  We were invited to Saturday's show and now I feel I was a bit of a fool to have dismissed this so quickly!  IT WAS FAB!!  I'm a bit of a sucker for a musical and that has kind of rubbed off on Max too.

It kept Max's attention most of the time, but he is only just 2 so when there was some speaking (for more than 2 minutes...) he did start to fidget but as soon as the music started up again he was hooked.  I'd also like to add the Ice Queen scared the pants off him (in a good way) with the loud bangs, crackling and telling the kids to shut up - (I did wonder if I could get away with roaming around at home dressed as the Ice Queen to keep him in line......)

The music is great and gets you really in the holiday spirit.  If you listen hard enough you can hear mums singing quietly to their little ones in the audience.  The children, I might add were all very very well behaved and sat and booed at the Ice Queen (who is played by Claire Sweeney), waving as Santa appeared walking through the audience and clapping whenever good prevailed.

When Santa came through the audience Max's little eyes lit up.  All the children gasped with awe and cheered and called out to Santa.  Max called out and waved with the biggest grin - how I didn't just burst into tears with love I have no idea!

How I knew it was a great show was at the interval, when I looked at my watch and saw an hour had passed!!!  No way would I have believed we'd been sitting there for an hour already - time had flown by.  The show is running until January 5th and I highly recommend a visit.

We were sent tickets to see Santa Clause The Musical at Worthing
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