Crafting on Star Wars Day

So, Star Wars Day fell on the May Bank Holiday weekend and I thought we'd 'celebrate' this day by having a Star Wars Craft day........ What that actually translates to - any excuse to craft, use star wars images and get our geek on!

When I picked Max up from nursery the other week I noticed he loved to play with the net hanging down from the ceiling which had a fishing theme attached to it, and it was this that gave me the idea of having our own netting hanging down for our Star Wars Day.

I ordered a piece of netting off ebay for a couple of pound (bargain) and hung it off the ceiling with ribbon pieces as I found these threaded through the netting nicely and look nicer then thread or string (and I have lots of random bits of ribbon!).  As you can see, I thought I'd get this done whilst Max had his lunchtime nap and has nothing to do with the fact that I couldn't wait for him to wake ...........

I printed off some star wars stencils on to nice bright yellow card and we hung these on the bottom of a string of card circles.

Quite possibly Max's favourite part was cutting out the circles- under very strict supervision.

We used our ribbon pieces to thread together the circles and the images and hung them through the netting.  Obviously were being directed as to where each of the pieces should hang - and my total control freak side did not show once that we had 3 rows all very close together and not evenly spaces out.....(my brain felt like it was going to burst though).

All in all we had a rather great afternoon crafting and I'm rather pleased that the netting got the reaction that I was hoping for - highly recommend getting yourself a bit of netting which can be used time and again for different themes.

(resisting the urge to type in a Star Wars Quote).......

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  1. ah brilliant - Max is looking so grown up in that last photo. x


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