Letters from my son

Dear Mummum,

You were not my favourite of people yesterday.

When we came out of Lindsey's fun house which sometimes you call nursery, I found the bestest ever 'green banana'.  I showed you this 'green banana' on the floor and you seemed to repeat yourself 'leave leave'.  Why I would leave my newest bestest find?  I don't know, so I didn't!

You made some strange cool sound with your mouth and told me to hold my leave very tightly whilst we crossed the road - so obviously I had to drop my coat in order to make sure my 'green banana' did not fall.  You made that cool noise again.

Once in the car you opened my window until it was stuck.  I much prefer daddy's windows they never get stuck and go all the way down.  You told me not to put my leave out the window in case it would fall - so I held on to my 'green banana' for the longest of times.  Why you call it 'leave' I do not know as it is quite positively the shape of my banana's loose bits that fold over my hand - and green!

After a very very very long time I thought it would be nice to let my 'green banana' see outside the car and somehow you managed to allow my 'green banana' to fall and you wouldn't get it.  You said words like 'driving and no stopping'.  I don't understand why you didn't like my green banana because of driving?  

I was so sad I had lost my best favourite toy ever!  I cried and cried and still you wouldn't get my toy.  I even screamed and showed you my tears but still you wouldn't get my toy!

I took my shoe off and tried to throw it after my 'green banana' but due to the silly window being stuck I couldn't do this!  I tried also with my sock but that went somewhere behind my head!

Oh then I saw a cow.......

Lots of Love
Aged 2 years 6 months

My best friend


  1. that's so funny. (sorry max - i'm sure it wasn't funny for you!). I remember when J lost his peppa pig football out the window when he was about max's age - I'm still not quite sure how he did it as he certainly hadn't meant to throw it out. We did have to drive back and search for it and miraculously we did find it - somehow it had ended up on the other side of the road to where he dropped it. Oh the joys of parenting, eh! xxx

    1. Thanks Rebecca, he let his glasses drop out the window the other day and by the time we got back to them someone had run them over - all hell broke lose in the car!
      J was very lucky with his Peppa Pig football :)


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