Butterfly Crafts with Bostik

As part of the Bostik craft family with Tots100 I was sent a bundle of fun this month with the Bostik glue being 'Sew Simple' - Yeah, that concerned me slightly.... you know I got ungraded for making a pin cushion when I was 12.... it bent the pins - it was a fair grade.... but needless to say - put me off sewing!!

Anyway, we have a bundle of goodies and thanks to Insect Lore we also have real caterpillars growing into painted lady butterflies so I thought this would be our theme for 'Sew Simple'!
Butterfly craft with Bostik and Tots100

Obviously first up - caterpillars.  We used some felt and a circle cutter for our caterpillar and used our Bostik to glue the body parts together.  I must admit it didn't really work for felt and we ended up gluing the felt to card backing and then on to each part of the body.

For butterflies we decided to vamp up the blank canvas bag.  Now this - the glue was perfect for.  I found a great template on Favequilts.com and used this to cut out some butterflies on the fabrics supplied.

I rather enjoyed this, and Max loved gluing the images onto the bag and then had a good rummage in our craft box for some butterfly buttons (that I had no idea we had!).

Note to self - I will need to get the iron out next time.....

I was rather impressed with the glue, and as I'm not one sewing I thought I'd try my hand at making a little bag - and it worked!! First attempt at anything fabric based (that doesn't involve a staple gun or mod podge since the pin cushion days) so bare with me!

First up I put a hem round the material to give it a nice clean finish so it didn't fray (that was scary enough!)

Then from our box of goodies I got bold and added a handle!

I glued round the end of one half and closed the fabric up and wahey - got ourselves a little bag to put all our spare pieces of material in for our next craft day.

The best part of today was by the end of our crafting, wet and windy day - our little painted lady butterflies currently hanging in a chrysalis - started to hatch and spread their wings.

Thank you Bostik and Tots100 for our goodies

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