Letters to my son

Dear Max,

Over the last 4/5 weeks we've seen a few more first, an oldie but a goodie and progress with your speech.

So, lets start with the speech.  I'm beginning to think nursery were just a bit too keen with you regarding your speech.  You're a wee bit shy and didn't speak a lot at nursery, so much so they thought you may have glue ear or a slight hearing problem.  

So after quite a bit of paperwork and confusion we managed to get you to the hospital to have your ears checked.  They are perfect, you have 100% hearing and truth be told you didn't really need a referral - and certainly not until the age of 3.  Needless to say, you are coming on leaps and bounds with your speech, to the point that you were able to tell Grandma that you hurt your leg on the slide.

This is you at the hospital waiting to be seen, you were in great spirits and you were so so good with the hearing test.

So, the oldie but goodie - well that would be your nursery photos!  This year not only will we be buying your photo but I've also bought your class photo - you are so cute pulling your cheeeese face I couldn't resist.  Obviously I can't post that on your blog as there are 16 other children in the picture and I don't have permission from their parents - not to worry - I'll blow it up on to A1 paper for your 18th.....

And finally our day of firsts was at the annual Buckingham Park event that Granddad has a stall at.  We witnessed daddy holding an owl (he was very excited about this) and you riding a donkey for the first time.

You really are growing into a handsome wonderful little boy I am proud to call my son.

Love you Maxwell
Lots of Love

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