DryNites Craft Projects with Tamara Melvin - Part 2

So, continuing on from this post our afternoon with Dry Nites and Tamara saw us creating pin boards.  The idea behind this second project of the day is to create a unique space to hang mementoes of your child's fun memories, achievements and learning stages to help them feel like they are growing up.

The materials you will need are :
* Stretched Canvas
* Wadding or Foam
* 4 mtrs of elastic
* Split Pins
* Glue Gun (which many of us, we found out  actually do have at home)
* Buttons
* Fabric
* Staple Gun (possibly my favourite tool)

Cut the wadding to the same size of the canvas and then cut the fabric approximately 5cm larger then your base - we are aiming to stretch the material just over the wadding and canvas.

Once measured staple the material to the wood of the canvas.  Start with the middle of each side and stretch the material across to keep it nice and tight.  Work along the canvas evening out the tension trying to be as neat as possible.

Once complete this is also the process you can use to recover seats (as I did with my spider-man seat. stools and Toy Box).

Cut the elastic into 6 even strips and attach with your staple gun diagonally across your board creating a lattice.

The split pins are needed to secure where the elastic cross over.  The best way to do this is to use an awl to create the hole for the pin to go through - but a scissor blade will also do the trick.

The pins can then be covered with buttons of your choice using your glue gun to keep them in place.  Once dry you can then add a decorative ribbon to hang the board from.

You now have a 3D pin board to hang in your child's room for them to add items to - even objects and toys can fit through these elastic sections.

As you can see from my material - it wasn't quite Max - so once I got home I sourced all the materials again and made him - Avengers of course!

I would like to thank the DryNites team for the advice on Potty Training and Bed Wetting, my fellow bloggers for the great day and company, Tamara, for sharing her amazing knowledge and Tea and Crafting of Camden for their supplies, knowledge and facilities.

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