How to Breathe Some Life Back into Your Garden

Gardens are special as they are private sections of the great outdoors that can be tailored exactly to your taste.  Taking advantage of this luxury is important as fresh air and contact with nature is incredibly soothing.  However, even the greenest of thumbs can sometimes let their garden fall by the wayside as life brings on more and more distractions.  Gardening is a great hobby for all ages and abilities, so there’s no reason you can’t enjoy it too.  If your garden has seen better days, here are a few helpful tips on how to revitalise it and make it special again.

One: Introduce a Water Feature

Beautiful greenery and colourful flowers are always attractive.  To add interest and depth to your garden, you might consider creating a water feature.  The presence of water in a garden is hugely relaxing, especially due to the ambient sounds.  Small waterfalls or fish ponds are great for transforming your garden from pleasant to stunning. Take a look at sites like Water Garden to help you get started.  Even gardens with few plants can become magical places of relaxation and fun when there’s a water feature.

Two: Encourage Wildlife

While pests such as aphids and slugs are definitely unwanted when it comes to cultivating a healthy garden, encouraging wildlife is an excellent way to bring movement and interest back into your garden.  Ladybugs are beautiful and good for keeping aphids from damaging your plants.  Birds are also good for eating unwanted insects in your garden, so why not decorate with some bird feeders to entice them?  If you have a pond, find out what fish you can keep and watch them enjoy your garden as much as you do.  Ensure to take care when feeding these animals as certain food items can be poisonous.  Frogs and toads are also good garden guests as they eat pests and add to the ambient sounds of the garden.  The right flowers will attract butterflies and, if you want to help the environment, you could even start a small beehive to increase pollination.

Three: Know Your Plants

Taking care of your garden properly is the best way to make sure it stays healthy for longer.  Don’t just choose plants based on their appearance as you may be disappointed to find out that they cannot survive in your soil or climate.  Do a bit of research and prepare your garden for the plant life you want it to host.  Everything from sunlight, shade, humidity and soil acidity can affect the plants you choose, so be careful and pay attention to their individual needs.  Healthy, happy plants are always more appealing than dead ones.  Use your information to decide which plants you are most suited to caring for as some are more high-maintenance than others.  If you have the time to take care of needy plants you will have a broader selection to choose from, however even those with less time to spare can maintain a beautiful garden by choosing the right plants for them.


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