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@drusillaspark what a great day out!

Daddy and I have a week off work this week.  We moved house this year so no holidays to speak of so we decided that this week we would go out and about, have an adult only day and have a Zoo and Farm day.  Today was Zoo day.

Neither of us had ever been to Drusillas before even though it is only about a 30 minute drive away.  I guess not having children you tend not to go to farms and zoos unless you're going to 'borrow' a nephew or niece.

We didn't know what to expect and to be honest it couldn't be worse then paying a fortune at Legoland for very little - plus its a Zoo surely there will be animals!

We had a fantastic day!  The weather was nice and dry, the ticket prices were reasonable and they did indeed have animals.

This was Max's first visit to a zoo and he loved it, he's not walking yet so we carried him round and let him stand up against fences where we could and he proper giggled at the farm animals, pointed at various monkeys and got up close and personal with the lemurs.

Both daddy and I were taken away with how lovely Drusillas is.  It may well be that we went on a school day, a Monday and a quiet September day and therefore it was not very busy at all but that is fine with me.  We strolled round taking our time looking at each of the animals explaining them all to Maxwell.  At the end of the animal enclosures is a fanastic kids playing area with various jungle gym equipment, slides, round rope swing things and climbing equipment.

Toilets everywhere - and no queues ladies!! Changing tables IN THE MENS toilets!  and various places to eat.

Daddy had a burger and chips and said it was one of the best he had - now that's saying something as he's not that easy to please and I had a tuna jacket potato which all came out for me to do myself.  I had two butters which pleased me as I hate it when you get a big potato and only one butter - it just doesn't go far enough and my tuna was in its own little pot.  Max tried out all the mushroom seats before sitting him down in a highchair by the wooden bench.

After lunch we went round the maze and watched Thomas the Tank Engine train go off round the Zoo before having a look at the paddling pool and gift shops. Nothing was in your face, overpriced or screaming at you.  It was just a plesant family day out, with Max being so little it was perfect for him.  Can't wait to take him back when he's bigger so he can appreciate the playground.. oh and the animals.

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