What to do when you drop your phone down the toilet

So when is the best time to drop your phone down the toilet?

I can tell you when it IS NOT a good time to drop your phone down the toilet, and that is two weeks before Christmas when you've spent ALL your money on presents and it is 7.20am and you have 10 minutes left to get your child ready and out the door!

I had my phone in my back pocket, as many of us do and forgot about it when I went into the bathroom, and as my jeans came down an almighty plop sound happened.

The next five minutes were spent with my jeans around my ankles running around trying to dry my phone and get the hairdryer while at the same time STILL busting for a pee!

An hour later I'm at work with the phone and I've tried turning on and off several times.  Sometimes it comes on, sometimes it shows the battery sign, sometimes I have a network connection and sometimes I have strange crackling coming out the speaker.

I became slightly scared to touch it.  The touch screen finally started to work and I managed to call my hubby and he heard me so all signs are positive, I didn't relax until I got home and managed to charge it.

And you know what was first thought was, when this all happened, 'At least the toilet was clean!!!

Apparently according to this article - you're meant to put your phone in rice!!

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