So when is the best time to drop your phone down the toilet?

So when is the best time to drop your phone down the toilet?

I can tell you when it ISN'T a good time to drop your phone down the toilet and that's 2 weeks before Christmas when you've spent ALL your money on presents and its 7.20am when you have 10 minutes left to get junior ready and out the door for work!!!

I, for some reason had my phone in my back pocket - at home!  This never happens, its usually in the kitchen until its time to go and then in my handbag it goes.  But today, I decide to put it in my 'skinny fit' jeans where it sat nice and snug until I went into the bathroom and as my jeans came down an almighty plop sound happened.

The next 5 minutes were spent with my jeans around my ankles running round trying to dry my phone, take it to pieces and get the hairdryer on it all at the same time and STILL busting for a pee!

So an hour later I'm at work with my phone that I've tried turning on and off several times.  Sometimes it comes on, sometimes it shows the batter sign.  Sometimes I have a network connection and sometimes I have strange crackling coming out the speaker.

At the moment I'm slightly scared to touch it.  The touch screen now works and I have 3G flashing, I called my partner and he heard me so all signs are positive - but I'm not getting too excited at the moment, its still very early and we have the 'charging' to test out tonight.

And you know, out of all of this what first went through my mind was 'At least the toilet was clean!!!

Apparently according to this article - you're meant to put your phone in rice!!

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