How I recovered my Christmas photos

With so much technology around us, it is so easy these days to take pictures.  After my phone tried to commit suicide by throwing itself down the toilet (yes I'm not taking responsibility for that), I'm very aware of photos on my phone these days and have it in my mind to set time aside each month to download the contents.

So anyway, over Christmas we got the 'big' camera out to take snaps so when I got the card out of the camera and put it in the laptop and saw 'error' my heart sank!  (Can't remember the exact wording but it basically said, you're not getting the pictures off this card biatch).

Daddy to the rescue and put the card in his laptop but the same error occurred.  We could see the images fine on the camera but we couldn't get them off.  My initial thought was we'll have to go down Jessops and see if they can get the images off or at least print them.  I then started thinking, I'm not letting a little piece of technology outdo me!! I want my images damn you!!

So I did what we all do in our hour of need............ I GOOGLED!

Through a forum, I found a website called Card Recovery.  I downloaded the trial app and it did indeed pull up all 957 images!! It then informed me if I wanted these images I needed to pay for the application.  It's $40 and I weighed up the options here

1. Don't pay, sulk that I have no photos and throw the card away.
2. Pay it and track down the San Francisco disk which is also corrupt.
3. Take it Jessops who will probably charge me the equivalent of $40 to get the images off the camera.

I opted for option 2.  I now have this software on my PC and plan to track down the other SD card - which is a mission in itself as we have since moved from when I last saw it.

If anyone has a disk they cant get the images off then feel free to message me via my contact form and for a small fee, I'll quite happily try to get the images off for you.

Here is a tiny sample of what I nearly lost!

its all about bubbles

Looking so grown up

Christmas 2012


  1. Respect to you, I'm not sure I would have managed to recover the photos, but if I ever need to I will know where to ask! Lovely to see your Christmas pics, I have a linky still open for Christmas posts so please join me

    1. Thanks, I don't like being defeated by technology :)


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