Retrieving deleted or corrupt files

I can not rate software enough.  Back in December I wrote this blog explaining how I thought I'd lost Christmas and went on the google hunt as to how I could retrieve my images and cardrecovery basically saved the day.

Well yesterday at work one of the girls in the office was very upset because she'd accidently deleted all her images off her SD Card on her camera.  I immediately jumped at the chance of trying out my software again - if nothing else to get my money's worth from it - it worked!!

I took my laptop into work and Linda bought in her card and we retrieved all 271 images.  To say she was happy was an under statement.  To have that sickened feeling inside lifted is well worth the $39.

The product works and I recommend it if you ever get that sickening feeling inside when you press the wrong key and everything is 'deleted'.

I also think it just goes to show images/documents don't 'really' get deleted.

I may be getting on a bit, but I refuse to let technology beat me....yet

Retrieving deleted or corrupt files

Have you ever had this happen to you with an SD Card? Do you know that sickening feeling I mean?

This is not a sponsored or linked or anything post - it's all just me!

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