Saying Goodbye to Mally

Thursday 1st August I said goodbye to one of the best dogs I'd ever known.

I had Maliki since he was 5 weeks old.

At 6 weeks old he fell in the pond!

At 8 weeks old he pushed his sister in the pond

By Christmas Mally and his sister had worked out how to get out the kitchen - they ate the Christmas tree!

They ate the mattress

They ate the Lino flooring

They ate trainers, plants and pretty much everything that took their fancy.

Maliki and Athena grew up and old together

Maliki was like a real life teddy bear, he would let you lay on him and cuddle him

He was so obedient, well behaved and good

He saw me through good times and bad and showed nothing but love.

Rest in Peace my wonderful crazy little puppy

You are so missed.

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