Review: Bath time fun and child bonding time

We recently received a lovely, little, limited edition Matey bath time book to review.  I remember Matey from when I was a kid so I'm rather pleased they are still going strong for Max to enjoy too!

Matey bath book

I gave Max the book before he got in the bath and he looked through it and pointed out various images on the pages and seemed to enjoy me reading it to him, but the minute he was in the bath the book got pushed to one side whilst he played with his ducks, shampoo and 'lets splash mummy til she's dripping wet' game!

I gave him his book a few times but he wasn't interested.  I think for Max at the age of 2 books are snuggling up to mummy or daddy with and bath time is, let's face it - wet messy fun time!

Matey bath book

When Max got out the bath he asked for his book back and we sat and 'read' through it whilst he was dried off, ready for bed and snuggles.

I do think that he doesn't associate books with bath and sees bath as energetic, manic fun time rather than anything as sedate as reading a book.

Matey has been doing some research on bath time bonding between parents and their infants and found the top 10 parent - child bonding experiences were:

Matey bath book 1. Having a cuddle (29%)
2  Playing together (22%)
3  Reading a story (15%)
4. Bath time (9%)
5. Chatting (6%)
6. Meal times and feeding (5%)
7. Going for a walk (5%)  
8. Bed time (3%)
9. Watching a film or cartoon (3%)
10. Listening to music (2%) 

Which is your favourite bonding experience?

For me, I would say having a cuddle number 1 every time, we also like to dance around the front room to Imagination Movers.....

Disclaimer : We received a Matey Bath Time book to review.  My opinions on the book are my own and the facts regarding parent and child bonding have come from Matey Press Release.

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