Tulleys Farm Shocktober Fest Scream Park

I honestly have no idea how I'm going to write this post without giving away spoilers!!

The lovely Tulleys farm where I've taken Max a couple of times to see the animals, watch the ducks and play on the digger, yes that lovely farm where you can buy fresh produce and wonderful cakes, yes that lovely farm turns into hell in October!!!

Tulleys turns into Shocktober Fest Scream Park!!  Scream?  meh, I wanted to cry!!

On their website, it states Tulleys was voted UK's Number 1 Halloween Attraction by the screamie awards and when you go, you'll see why!  It is amazing the detail and thought that is put into this event!  There is a live stage and a food court area which gives it that festival feel - even the added zombies you get at reading by 3am seem to make an appearance.....

So for 2013 there were 6 haunts to visit, I will try and describe these as my feelings rather than give anything away and I will describe them as we visited it.

The Cellar Haunted House
Bit nervous, not sure what to expect and a couple of strange 'hills have eyes' wannabes in the queue behind me slightly weirding me out.
Plenty to make you jump and understand why those who are claustrophobic, pregnant or of a nervous disposition should not go in!
NOT a 5-minute haunt and I felt like I was in there for at least 2 hours - being scared .. .but not quite sh*tless... that comes later!!

Haunted Hayride
Great I get to sit down and not bend over, eyes half shut grabbing my partner for dear life......
Things move, things make me jump and near the end very good acting scares the whole trailer!
Mind starts playing tricks on you... how do we know those in the woods are actors ....

Hell Elements
Never again!  Complete nutjob in the queue in front of us could quite easily pass as 'staff'!!
Holding on to the rope and the person in front gives you NO free hands to have a peep out of the bag on your head!!
Never again!

Creepy Cottage
No idea if my nerves are close to being shot as this was not a scary haunt at all.
Quite light, quick haunt should probably have done this one first to get us in the mood??

Never ever again!
We got lost!
I thought this was my life.  I was going to live in the corn maze with the nutter that was last seen around by my feet!  This was my life - use my phone you say?  Fog machine put paid to us being able to see ANYTHING.  Lost, in the corn maze, with a nutter, in the dark - hell!
10 minutes later and we're still lost!
Oh, I'm soo living here now, just find a small corner to curl up in and cry, oh wait I can't there's a nutter on the loose in here with use....
OUT.... of that bit!!
still the rest of the maze to go through being scared stupid and never ending
Sod that.

Twisted Maze
Let's face it after woodshock NOTHING is as scary.
Nerves are shot, the brain is mush and body ready to collapse - bring on the maze!

It took us all evening to visit all six haunts, have something to eat, listen to the band and have a drink in the barn and it was great!!!  I can say that now I'm sitting safely on my sofa 2 weeks later.  Would I go next year?  Probably!!!

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