Craft: Quick and Easy Handheld Chalkboard

How to make a handheld chalkboard

I wrote about my fabulous January finds, and one of which was a set of picture frames from my local charity shop warehouse for £1.

I took one of these picture frames and covered it with Blue Duck Tape.

I then took out the middle and sprayed it with my ever faithful chalkboard paint.

Once this was complete I felt the board looked a little bare and remembered that the little Toy Story book we bought from the charity shop was starting to fall apart so I cut out a couple of images and pasted them on the cover.

The remaining images from the book are now in my decoupage drawer.  Waste not, want not!

When all was done I left this on Max's toy box for him :

How to make a handheld chalkboard

I'm guessing he liked it as whilst I was out (and maybe will a little help from daddy) I received this message.

How to make a handheld chalkboard


  1. fabulous fabulous fabulous! Wish I had your creativity - i've thrown out so many old tired looking picture frames that could have done with a makeover like this. x

    1. Thank you Rebecca. I'm never throwing out a picture frame again. In fact we have quite a large one in the shed that hast he glass broken.... hmm where's my chalkboard paint.


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