And so the Potty Training begins!

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Handpicked daisies from my baby boy

Well, this a nervous time in our toddler days - the potty training days.

We are officially potty training this week.  The nursery has suggested we start and we've taken our lead from them as I do agree Max is ready.  

He's doing well only 1 accident today and 1 yesterday but what I mainly wanted to say - OMG THE PRICE OF PANTS!!

I know, I know it's going to be cheaper than nappies but come on £7 for a pair of spider-man boxers for a 2-year-old? No, that's not happening - not to just be peed all over ;)

Asda does a nice cheap version but I fear a couple of washes and they are out the door.  I've had a shop around online and have managed to find some great briefs from BHS with 50% off.

For me this is the big turning point, like when Max gave up his bottle, moving from his cot to his bed - another milestone to show my little baby boy is growing up, and growing up fast.

I really am thankful for digital cameras, my blog letters to Max, videos and digital life, in general, to be able to capture all his precious moments so I can look back on them with such great fondness (and embarrass the £7 spider-man pants off him, when he's older).

Very happy lad in his new room

Newly re-arranged room has gone down well

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