Bank Holiday Fun with Morrisons

I love these carrots!!!  £1.49 a bunch :)

So, we were given the opportunity over the Bank Holiday to check out Morrisons new I'm Cheaper range - and I'm happy to say we were not disappointed - and to be fair, I think I'd go as far as to say -  Hello! Why are we not shopping here more regularly?!

We got a lot for our money and all of our meals (at home) over the bank holiday were based on what we'd purchased from Morrisons and various items from the 'I'm Cheaper' range.  You can't miss the range its a nice bright yellow sticker with I'm cheaper on - and can be seen in the store and over on their website

It's not secret I'm not the world's greatest cook and working all week I like to spend my weekends playing, art and crafts and just out and about investigating nature so my 'skills' in the kitchen are not great and quite restricted on timing and the bank holiday was no different.

On Saturday after our shop, we had a light lunch from the deli counter before heading off down the beach and the warm bacon wraps and jumbo sausages were the perfect lunch accompanied with the tropical fruit salad.  I say light but the bacon wraps were more filling than I thought they would be!  £6 lunch for 3 -bargain!

Sunday was Star Wars Day in our house and this was spent cutting out space images and hanging them from the ceiling and a carpet picnic of Pizza, Garlic Bread and Dips.  Oh, these Pizzas are fab - prepared in-store and 2 for £4 - great value.  My only issue is - I should have bought more than 1 packet of Garlic dough balls, one little toddler took a big shine to these.

This was followed up by CAKE!  My favourite of the weekend AND on the I'm cheaper section too - Jaffa Cake The Big One! nom

We finished off our bank holiday with one of daddy's favourite dishes - Pasta with Ham and Parmesan Cheese.  I originally got this recipe from my Carb lover's diet book.... just amended it slightly.

I picked up a couple of packets of Italian Herb Ham from the deli counter - Oh my days!  This ham is extremely tasty!  The aroma is enough to make you want to just eat the ham there and then!  Forget putting it in your dinner and in fact, I had to redirect Max's attention (in the form of his trampoline) whilst cooking as he was eating way too much of this before I had a chance to put it in with the pasta!

As I mentioned at the beginning I'm not one for spending a long time in the kitchen - I would if I had a pause button so as you can imagine our favourite dish takes approximately 20 minutes to make.

So here is my favourite Recipe thanks to Morrisons:

150ml I'm Cheaper Sour Cream (equivalent to 45p)
250g (half packet) Farfalle Pasta (equivalent to 49p)
200g Italian Herb Ham £3
100 Grated Italian Style cheese £1.29

So that's pretty much what I put in my meal but you can add peas, chopped Tarragon, salt and pepper.

Cook the pasta as per packet instructions.

Whilst the pasta is cooking cut up the ham into lovely bite-size pieces - keep a little to the side for hunger fingers that try to make their way to the worktop!

Once the pasta is cooked drain and reserve approximately 70ml of water.

Return the pasta to the pan then add in the sour cream, cheese and ham.

Once mixed in stir in a small amount of reserved cooking water to create a thin sauce - this is very much to taste so try the sauce and if you feel it needs a bit more water then add accordingly.  I like the sauce quite thick so I don't tend to add much cooking water back in the pan.

Give it all a good old stir and there should be enough for 4 servings.

Total Cost per Serving £1.30 

Thank you, Morrisons and the "I'm cheaper" range

Thank You Morrisons - Preparing our roast chicken salad

Disclaimer: We were sent Morrisons Vouchers to complete the I'm Cheaper Range review
All words and images are my own and not influenced by vouchers received.


  1. My children would enjoy that pasta dish. Sounds like you have a lot of fun in your house. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

  2. lots of yummy food there. Love the pasta dish! x


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