Letters to my Son - September updates

Dear Maxwell,

We've had a busy couple of months, and I believe we always will around this time.  In September you moved from toddler unit in the nursery to 'upstairs' (preschool section) and you LOVE it!  I believe you love that there is more to do upstairs, more to investigate and more to learn.

You still call it Lindsay's house and recently you have insisted that we call you Maxwell.  I think this is because there is another Max in your class and so as not to confuse the two of you I think they let you know that you are Maxwell and you're passing that on to me.  To me you're Max, but if you want to be known as Maxwell, as you so rightly tell me that is your name, then that is what I'll call you .... when I remember.

Also this month you started dance classes.  I originally wanted you to do street dance but due to work commitments and your age this isn't feasible this year, so we'll look into that again next year.  Instead, you are doing ballet and tap on a Saturday morning - and you love it!  All the while you are enjoying dancing with the ballerinas then I will encourage you to go.

You're a strong-willed young boy and you know what you like so I have no worries that as soon as you don't fancy doing a hobby anymore you will let me know.  

September also saw our first Staycation which I'll write a separate post as we visited various places local to us and yesterday you had your first party for your birthday, which also deserves its own post.

Imitating daddy's canvas picture

Learning to read

Showing no fear on the zip wire 

All my love


  1. Love these letters, you have a gorgeous boy x

    1. aw, thank you very much.
      These are possibly my favourite posts :)

  2. What a lovely way to write these posts in letter format. Great photos too

  3. I love your updates for Max. How great about the dance classes. Some good friends of ours have done ballet for years and have tried to get our boys involved because sadly there seems to be a shortage of boys in dance classes and the two that did take part got some great starring roles when they did their shows every couple of years. Miss T has asked to do ballet but I don't know if she's quite old enough to really understand what she's asking for as I'd have to leave her alone in the sessions and she's not used to that. A great set of photos - love the one by the 'Max' car! x

    1. I think if you can find a tots ballet class then that would be great for her. There is a girl in Max's class who he knows from swimming as she's 3 at Christmas and has been to ballet for 14 months now.

      Thank you for your kind words :)


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