Autumnal Snuggles


Web Blind are currently running a competition to find out how you like to keep warm through this autumn nights - details of the competition can be found here.

For me autumn is all about the colours and snuggles to keep warm and there are some lovely divine gold Fauxwood blinds which are the golden colour of autumn that I love.

Shutting out the cold autumn chills
For the snuggling, there is a lovely deep red snuggle chair from Sofaka which is a perfect size for two - me and my boy in the evening whilst watching a movie before bed or me and my partner watching Walking Dead!

Perfect snuggling for 2
If there is just a chill in the air that doesn't quite warrant the heating going on then body heat is obviously a great way of keeping warm - and pets are also lovers of warmth and a cuddle and I love the fact our dog is the perfect autumn colouring.

My perfect hot water bottle
So we have the blinds to keep the heat in, the big chair to fit us all in (including the dog) and for that extra bit of warm - the snuggle accessories - a blanket - let's go retro and have a good ol' fashioned checked wool blanket from not on the high street.  Obviously I can't let a post go without a hint of geek so to keep your feet warm Dr Who Slippers and a nice warm drink as the final step to keeping warm - I would choose hot chocolate and I would have it the delightful Alice in Wonderland teapot - because I'm bonkers... but then all the best people are ;)

Snuggle Accessories
With my autumn colours and a big snuggle sofa ready for company the minute the blanket comes out is all I need to keep me cosy as the nights draw in and it is always time to make Tea and Snuggle.

So this is my entry to Web Blind's So Cosy competition - what do you think, does it give you a warm feel?


  1. I love your ideas. Those snuggle sofas are fab - Would love one if we had the space for it. I can imagine my boys sat on there with their DS / ipad / gadgets and it would keep them quiet for hours! Good luck in the competition. xxx

    1. Thanks Rebecca, I have snuggle sofa on my wish list :)


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