Winter London Film and Comic Con #LFCCW

Winter London Film and Comic Con
Winter London Film and Comic Con
I've never been to the Winter Film and Comic Con at Earl's Court before and even though 2 of the main characters from The Outsiders were going to be there, I figured we'd left it a bit too late to get tickets

The Outsiders!

That film is the first film that made me cry!  That film is up there in my top 5 movies - The top 3 actually.  That film I love!

I may have been a bit.... pfft a lot excited when my partner said we could still get tickets on the door and we should go! Eek!!  He is so fantastic!  We left quite late in the morning, gave our boy a chance to have a sleep on the way up and packed lots of snacks and food for the day in case he got hungry (minimising the off chance of a toddler tantrum).

So we went and within 10 minutes of being there, I had a chat with Ponyboy and Johnny and got both their autographs!!!  I may have felt like a starstruck teenager!  In fact, I know I did! haha.

C Thomas Howell aka Ponyboy
Ralph Macchio aka Johnny
Ralph Macchio aka Johnny
Winter London Film and Comic Con
How amazing is this!!!
Day made!

After some lunch, we took the time to look around!  I found the winter event MUCH quieter than the summer event (which obviously this year was extra busy due to the legendary Stan Lee's appearance).  We managed to have a good look around all the stalls and get some pictures with various cosplay fans.  I wanted to buy Capital America's shield - every girl should have a shield!  Unfortunately, the ones on the show were much higher priced than the summer ones I'd seen so we settled for....... Thor's hammer..... like you do!

Cameron from Ferris Bueller
He'll keep calling me, he'll keep calling me until I come over
Chewy scares the crap out of me - this is as close as I get!
Jurassic Park
Where's the goat?
Power Rangers at ComiCon
Power Rangers at ComiCon
No ComiCon is complete without Stormtroopers
Every necessary accessory - Thor's Hammer
Every necessary accessory - Thor's Hammer
It was a lovely chilled out, relaxing time and I think of all the cosplay, scenes and drawings on display the strangest thing I saw was Mickey Mouse giving Alien a kiss and cuddle - I think I'm slightly scared from that image.

Well, that's not a sight you see every day.....
I also have found out that this event will be the last (for now anyway) held at Earls Court.  Next year London Film and Comic Con will be held at the Olympia - so the end of an era.


  1. Sounds like a great day out and lovely pics. Chewy always scares me too!