Letters to my son - Christmas at Peppa Pig World

For those of you who read my blog will know I have a whole separate blog which is written specifically for my son, which one day I will send him the link to.  Sometimes I share some of the letters here.....

Dear Max,

Last week we went to Peppa Pig world at Paulton's Park as we had it on very good authority that Santa Claus would be there and that he would be there for 2pm.  So we set off rather late in the morning as you were milling around the house naked ... well almost naked, you did have daddy's hat on!

It was over an hour's drive so needless to say by the time we got there - you were snoring your little head off - yes baby, you snore.  

We headed off to Pippa area and it was great fun!  After having a little chat in the house with Peppa's family we headed off over to the cars which you love to drive - so daddy and I sat in the back :)

And that was it, after your first drive/ride you were off queuing for Mr dinosaur before we knew it - I'm not entirely sure which of you had more fun on this ride.

We had a photo shoot with green screens and then off for a train ride.
And to top off our rides before we went to see Peppa you guys went on the boats.

There was quite a queue to meet Peppa and George so you took daddy off to the play area whilst mummy waited in line for you, and I find out from daddy that you made a new friend and she shared her chips with you!

After giving Peppa and George a hug we went off to Santa's Workshop and to find out if you've been naughty or nice....

And yep, you've been a good lad.

We finished our visit off with a 4D movie then headed off home, cold but happy.

We really did love the place, but because it's winter the park only has a section open for Christmas, so we are going back in the spring for a full day of fun, I don't know about you, but I can't wait.

Love you little man, I'm so very proud of the boy you are becoming 

Love you always

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