Craft: How I made my POP Vinyl shelf

POP shelf

Since my quest for finding the perfect geek box subscription for us I have discovered the world of POP Vinyl and have found them slowly taking over the house on any shelf I can find!

POP shelf - DC POPs
Top of the blinds
POP shelf - POPs
Canvas Prints
POP shelf - Winchester POPs
The Wardrobe!
As you can see they're popping.... up all over the place so I decided to make their own shelving so I can have them all in one place.

This really isn't difficult to do and does not need to be expensive.  My nearest DIY store is B&Q so I  picked up a couple of pieces of slim timber for £2.78 each, brackets for £2 and some screws.  I then found the perfect piece of fabric on eBay to use, but decoupage or paint will work, it's a personal choice.

POP shelf - materials
Making a shelf for my POP! Vinyl
I started with painting the edges and then found out that my washi tape is the exact width of the edging!!  Fabulous.

I used the wood as the template to cut the material and cut 2 stripes, one for each side so you can see the pattern rather than bare wood underneath depending on the height the shelf will go.

Once cut I used my ever faithful large pot of Mod Podge to glue the material to the wood, and it went on nice and smoothly.  I could have left the shelf as is, but I decided to use my washi tape to finish off the edging.

POP shelf - more materials
Selecting washi tape
POP shelf - materials wonder woman
Finished shelf
POP shelf - materials wonder woman
Adding the finishing touches to make it a shelf
Once I selected which side I wanted the POPs to sit on I attached the brackets to the underneath and placed on the wall.  Just have the second shelf to do now.

POP shelf - Marvel
2 shelves made for a total of £10.
POP shelf - Sam & Dean
Decorating the bottom of the shelf too
POP shelf - complete
New home for my POP! Vinyl


  1. This looks amazing! What a simple way of doing it too. I may have to have a go at this my self. There are not enough shelves in this house.

    1. Thanks Angela, I don't know why I didn't think about creating my own shelves years ago lol.

      I'm sure yours would be fantastic.

  2. Keep this going please, gdeat job!


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