Christmas at Peppa Pig World

Peppa Pig World at Christmas
Peppa Pig World at Christmas
Considering Paulton's Park is only an hour's drive away for us I've never actually been there, so when I decided to book tickets to the Christmas wonderland event (at the Peppa Pig World section of Paulton's Park) I was rather excited!

As we had tickets to see Santa in the afternoon so we decided to wait until after the rush hour to set off to Hampshire to visit Peppa Pig World.  Hindsight - we could have set off earlier as there are lots of sites to see and do, and that's my error.  The whole park is not open for Christmas so I assumed that there would be limited attractions and not really need a full day - wrong!

When we arrived we found where the Winter Wonderland section was then set off to Peppa Pig World.

Max was in awe of everything and loved every ride, the Christmas trees, the shops and especially the 4D cinema and we hadn't seen Santa yet!  We visited Peppa Pig's house, rode on George's dinosaur, had a boat ride, train ride and car ride.

My thoughts on Peppa Pig World at Christmas
Dinosaur ride built for parent and child
Find out the fun we had at Peppa Pig World
Loving the boat ride again for parent and child

I love that all the rides are designed for parents to enjoy with their children - the dinosaur ride being a prime example, both my boys were having fun with that!  Max also loved the car ride and wanted to drive us both around, and who are we to disagree with that.

We didn't actually get around to all the rides before it was time to meet Peppa and George which Max loved, he's seen a few of his favourite characters now and it's the best to watch, truly believing Peppa and her family have come out the television to visit him.

We also visited the 4D cinema as it's only a half-hour film so I figured we'd be safe.  I say this because taking Max to the movies is very much hit and miss.  We have taken him 3 times in total now the first and last time we went he watched the whole movie - the second time he got bored immediately and loud, we left 10 minutes in!  But there was no chance of him going anywhere with this movie, he loved it, got into the story and left on a high.

And then it was time for Santa.

We were greeted by elves who showed us the way to the grotto and all the way round there is various snow, winter and Christmas scenes to keep the little ones amused.

Santa's Grotto at Peppa Pig World
Santa's Grotto
Santa's Grotto at Peppa Pig World
Children loved all the animals on the way round the Grotto
Waiting to see Santa at Peppa Pig world
Finally arriving at the North Pole
Waiting to see Santa at Peppa Pig world
He's excited really....
Once we reached the North Pole one of Santa's elves took us to see Father Christmas himself, and he was a very impressive Santa at that!  With music playing, children being excited and the presence of elves all made it that little bit more magical.

Visit to the North Pole at Peppa Pig World
Visiting Santa in his Grotto
After seeing Father Christmas, it was time to start our journey home even though we'd not seen everything in the park that was open!  Our tickets cost me £25 per person and I think it was worth every single penny.  So much so, we are planning to go back in the summer when the whole park is open.  I can see that being a fantastic day and I'm rather excited!!

I highly recommend Peppa Pig World for little ones, I'm sure they will not be disappointed if my son is anything to go by.

Visit to the North Pole at Peppa Pig World
Bit exciting that he's just seen Santa.

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