Zavvi's Retro zBox Review

March ZBox - Retro Theme
It's that time again.......For anyone who reads my blog (thank you, by the way, I do love you all).....I am on a quest to find the perfect Mystery/Geek subscription box for us, and up until now, I have loved zBox.  I have struggled to decide whether it's my number one or not, but after this month's box, it has lost it's number 1 spot.

I will, as always post up what's in the box in order of preference and to be honest, I'm not a fan of any of the Zbox Exclusives this month and 2 of which I will be adding to my own little 'Geek box' that I'll be giving away soon!

ZBox March theme - RETRO
For those with a sweet tooth we have Flumps, I think we all wanted a piece of this, I've kept this out the listings as I really don't know where it would come in my order of preference - probably number 1  haha.
Flumps went down well
In at number 6 (not including the magazine in my count down) is Tango Fiesta download card - Zbox Exclusive.  I'm not interested - yes that may be very narrow-minded of me or ungrateful, but it's not what I want, will play or am interested in so it comes in at number 6.
Tango Fiesta Code
Number 5 and another Zbox Exclusive (!) is the T-Shirt, this is a first for me as usual, the T-shirt is my favourite item in the box, but this one, by Joystick Junkies, just doesn't cut it for me.  I feel like it was just a bit of cheap advertising, and believe me, the retro theme didn't get missed on me.  Although it does say this was exclusively made - I'm not feeling it and even more so after checking out their website and seeing they actually have some rather fantastic Tees on there!
Joystick Junkies T-Shirt
There really isn't anything in the next two and because I didn't want to have number 4 as the third and final exclusive in the box..... I went with the Sonic Socks - I do love Sonic so the socks are kind of cool.
Sonic Retro Socks
The Lemmings Door hanger is a bit random, but many a day was spent killing off these little creatures so this one did put a smile on my face.
Lemmings Door Hanger
The penultimate item is a Dreamcast Notebook, which Max seemed to eye up the minute it came out the box!

Retro Dreamcast Notebook
My number one item........ Pac-man wins it every time and this little box was filled with Pixel Bricks which I totally failed at putting together.  How my partner did it I have no idea!  With Max 'helping' and then the dog 'helped' too - months of practice with Lego finally paid off!  I'm rather pleased we got a ghost as we already have a Pac-Man bottle opener and the two look great together don't you think?

Pac-Man ghost Pixel Bricks....

Given that I was super excited about receiving the Retro box, I am rather disappointed with it and the fact that Zavvi use Hermes and this is the second geek box that has been thrown over my 6-foot gate and damaged - I'm just not feeling it.  Fortunately, it's a monthly bought box and not a reoccurring subscription.

Bottom of the Box - Super Mario Quote

So to breakdown, the boxes reviewed today:-

Number 1 - Infinity Crate at £16.99
Number 2 - zBox at £19.99
Number 3 - Nerd Block approx £21
Number 4 - My Geek Box £14.99
Number 5 - QwerkiBox £15

If it ever comes to the UK I'm rather interested to see how the Marvel Collectors Corp fairs.

Now, which geeky box is going to turn up next.............

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