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These last few months have been a bit of a mind field trying to find the ideal property to rent ready for when Max starts school next year!  Yes, we are moving so we are within the catchment area for 1 of 3 schools I would like Max to attend.

Because we are in rented - (and oh boy, does the world and his wife have an opinion on that!! and until you've walked a mile in my shoes you can keep those opinions to yourself!!) you would think we had more flexibility with moving.  To an extent we do, but we also have a little boy and a dog, and apart from not a lot on the rental market at the moment, what is on there offering 'family homes to let' don't like pets or worse children!!

Anyway, we have somewhere all being well at the end of next month.  I plan to stay at this property until Max starts school and then AND THEN we are going to set about the mammoth task of saving for a deposit for a mortgage, and this is where Nutmeg comes in.

User-Friendly ISA Website is an investment website designed to help you save for the future.  Now for me, when I first looked at this website (and coming from a finance background...) I thought OMG what is this.... But.... I then found the very handy Try Nutmeg Out button.

I selected the criteria for what I need to be able to move once Max is at school, which basically is using his nursery fees as savings (hence waiting until he starts school). sample portfolio

Once I entered my monthly contribution and lump sum, the chart shows where my ISA would be in 2019 (after getting over the shock that is only 4 years away....), this example is rather a good tool to show the risk involved with a 5% chance of loss to my target figure.

Review of Sample Portfolio on
This is actually a very useful website, and as you can see from the screenshot above, the sample setup can be used for General, ISA or Pensions.  There is an option to sign up once you have finished with the sample portfolio, which I am yet to do as I want to shop around the internet to see what options I have available to me as this is such a large investment to make.

Obviously because this is an investment there are risks involved and investments can go down as well as up, and for me, I don't know if I want to have any risk when it comes to securing a deposit for my home that I want my boy to grow up in, my dog to grow old in and for me and my partner to settle down in.

Here's to saving for the future.

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