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How to add vinyl to windows
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We have recently moved house and one of the first things I noticed when we moved was the lack of privacy in our bathroom.  Now I'm not talking about my son coming in to clean his teeth whilst I'm having a wee or my partner coming in to use the loo whilst I'm in the bath or the dog coming in to just stare at me ......

Oh no, our bathroom has plain glass windows!  This is something new to me as I'm used to having frosted windows in the bathroom and whilst I'm quite happy to strut around half (or sometimes completely) naked - I really don't think it's a good idea to be doing this in a room that overlooks the school football field...

After a lot of searching on Google, I've found 2 frosted vinyl pieces that I love.  The first one I'm going to attempt on our conservatory windows so I'll leave that one as a surprise for now but the 2nd favourite was this item:

How to add vinyl to windows
Searching eBay for Frosted glass covering
To be able to pull this off (quite literally) I needed 3 hands so my advice would be to have someone help with this!

I measured the glass and cut the vinyl accordingly allowing for a little slack.

Cutting to fit window
I then must have spent the next 10 minutes trying to pull back the plastic without it curling back on itself, flicking back to the vinyl or just trying to pick up any stray hair, dirt and dust it could find!!  After a fair bit of cursing at it, I managed to pull back enough to get the top lined up nicely - complete with air bubble!  Then to my delight (NOT) as I pull the vinyl from the window it tried to rip.

After a bit more swearing and very slow movements, I managed to get the piece on the glass without too much problem.   I ran my craft knife around the edges to tidy up the sides and think all in all it came out OK.

How to add vinyl to windows
Bit of a sod to get right!

How to add vinyl to windows
Finally, have a bit of privacy in the bathroom
So what do you think?  I don't think it looks too bad, to be honest, and at the end of the day - I can now strut my stuff in the bathroom without the worry of anyone seeing me - other than the poor souls who live with me.

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