Moving house with a Preschooler - Part 1

Moving house with a 3 year old!
Moving house with a 3-year-old!
I don’t know how Max is going to react to us moving this month.  He loves his routine and his Spider-man bedroom!  So to try and prepare him for the move we have shown him our new home.

We now have a house filled with boxes and because of this, I have been getting Max involved.  He has his own boxes to pack.  We have been getting smaller boxes for Max to pack away his hot wheels in, medium boxes to pack away books  - which didn't quite go according to plan as for every 1 book we packed he wanted to keep out 5!  They are still out at the moment, and I don’t know whether to try again or just to pack them when he’s not around.

Finally, we have some large boxes for the teddies – and as with the books, hardly any teddies get packed away, apparently, they all need to be on the bed (they used to live on the wardrobe…..).  I've been sneaking a teddy out here and there using them as padding in other boxes. 

So far so good, but we have only just touched the surfaced.

Moving House and living with boxes
I plan to show the house to Max again now we know for definite we have it, and to discuss with him what will go where in his new Spider-man room.  I've been pinning ideas away on Pinterest so may show him those too….. maybe….the boy can shop like his mamma so maybe not…..

I had planned to put Max in nursery the day of the actual move... but we're moving on a Saturday now, and as much as I want him involved, I don’t think I can cope with keeping an eye on him, moving, the dog and any last minute mishaps, so we're going to go round grandma's house ;-)

So for a little boy who loves his routine, this can be one big upheaval for him or he’ll take it all in his stride and show me once more I worry over nothing.

Right, I'm off to go find some blogs on ‘moving with toddlers’.

Wish me luck….

Well, that's the boy packed.


  1. Good luck! Such an exciting time and I hope Max takes it in his stride. Can't wait to see the crafty up cycling projects for the new place :-)

    1. Thank you Cate, I'm really missing my upcycling at the moment.

  2. I can't even imagine moving house with children. it sounds like you have it all under control though! x

    1. Thanks Donna, I'll be sure to write a 'post move' ....... if I still have my marbles :D


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