Fandom Friday : 5 Favourite Aliens

I do love reading the Fandom Friday posts over at Female Geek Bloggers network; this week the theme is Aliens :-)

Now, bearing in mind I've been on our planet for 4 decades I have loads of aliens to choose from and a big X-Files fan so who (or is that what) on earth/galaxy do I choose??

I'm starting with a golden oldie at number 5 6 - who does not love the original - E.T?  I remember going to the cinema to watch this one, and may be one of very few who was not sobbing their heart out when we all thought E.T had died in the ditch... Oh, spoiler alert.... but that has often played on my mind!

Not entirely sure if I can class Diva Plavalaguna as an alien as she doesn't come to Earth.... but if she did OMG I'd go see the blue beaut sing!

Going back in time again to Roswell - I LOVED this show!!  I have nothing more to add, I loved every episode so of course Max was going to be in my top 6 (yeah I can't narrow it down to 5!!)

The next 2 aliens hit the comedy spot for me - as well as being adorable!  First of the two is naughty Paul.  Is he not the alien everyone wants to meet?  He's the alien I want to hang out with, he's the one you want to go for a beer with and well just generally have a laugh with :-)

The next alien deserves a mention for being one of the first ones I met.  I used to watch every week as Mork called Orson and relayed back to his home planet just how weird us Earthlings can be.

The wonderful Robin Williams, taken too early, will always be loved by many.

And finally, my number 1 alien is of course The Doctor (have you not seen my wallpaper back there?)!  Who else would I have chosen?  I've watched Dr Who from a kid, I've watched from behind the sofa, cushions and my fingers - the Daleks scared the bloody crap out of me!  Now, whilst I can watch a whole program without peeping through my fingers - I do give certain statues a sideways glance when I pass them...... Don't Blink!

So who/what is your number 1 Alien?


  1. MORK FROM ORK who came to Earth in an egg how could I forget I used to watch it all the time when I was little NANU NANU! Gosh there's just so many aliens I love, definitely could have done with a Fandom 50 this week lol xoxo


  2. I had to add the Diva to my list too, she's so awesome. Love the rest of your list too, especially Paul, he is so hilarious!!

  3. I'm not sure I have a #1 alien, I mean it's hard to pick just one!

  4. Paul!!! I forgot about Paul! He's awesome!

  5. Mork! Robin Williams was an amazing actor


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