Revamping an old bangle into a Comic-Con Accessory

Whist I'm very much a Marvel mad fan I do have a little soft spot for Wonder Woman, so when I saw these old bangles in the charity shop for 50p I just knew straight away which material I was going to use to cover them!

Last year I'd created my own geeky shelf to home my POPs by using some lovely material I'd sourced on eBay and I've been dying to use it again!

Revamping my Old Bangle to ComiCon Accessory
Using up my Wonder Woman material
I used a piece of ribbon to measure the width I needed to wrap around the bangle and cut the material accordingly.

Revamping my Old Bangle to Comic-Con Accessory
Because I didn't fancy using a tape measure
Revamping my Old Bangle to Comic-Con Accessory
Marking out the width needed for the bangle
Once the material was cut to size I covered the entire bangle with Mod Podge and slowly worked the material round the bangle.
Revamping my Old Bangle to Comic-Con Accessory
One half of the bangle completed
Because the ribbon helped with the actual width needed the second half of the material folds over nicely into the inside of the bangle and the Mod Podge holds it all in place perfectly.

Brilliant, quick and easy fix to a 50p bangle for any accessories fan - Geeky or otherwise.

Revamping my Old Bangle to Comic-Con Accessory
Inside covered nicely.
Revamping my Old Bangle to Comic-Con Accessory
My new revamped Wonder Woman Bangle
Yes this may have been worn a few times to work, no need to wait for the next Comic-Con to come to town.....


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Tina, quick and easy one this :) yay

  2. You did an awesome job!

    1. Thank you so much, I'm rather proud of myself this time :D

  3. this looks really good - a really great accessory!


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