Amara Interior Blog Awards - 2015

I am extremely made up to have been nominated in the Best DIY & Craft blog section of the Amara Interior Blog awards!!

What makes this so so special to me is that someone would have had to nominate my blog for the award!  That in itself to me is fantastic.  I sit here, fumble along in my parenting life, craft life and well life in general, blogging as we go along and to think someone has seen my Craft & DIY sections and think I deserve to be nominated is, well.... bloody fantastic!!

Now the voting begins!

The top 5 voted for bloggers from each category will make it to the shortlist and be invited to the awards!  So if you feel I deserve a vote please press the icon below which in turn will take you to my voting page - I must warn you though - there is a rather large picture of my face on there ;-)

Even if you don't vote, thank you anyway, for reading my blog


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