4 best places to dig for geeky clothing and accessories

To embrace your inner geek even more, you should start looking for places full of cool clothing and accessories that meet your lifestyle.  To make it more perfect – it should be a cheaper alternative as well.  Lack ideas what places can be those? No worries! Below you will find a short advisory list of 4 best places to dig it.  It might be a perfect place to celebrate your geekiness and have a great time shopping!

Thrift stores
Of course, one of the perfect places for all geeks can be thrift stores at your local community area.  I can bet that there you not only be able to find some cool and unique clothing pieces or accessories but dig out something cool and extraordinary for your home too.  For instance – an enormous canvas of Darth Vader standing in a field full of flowers.  So start thrifting and you might be surprised how much great stuff you can find to match your needs and embrace your inner geek.

Second-hand stores
Of course, if I mentioned thrift stores, I must report about second-hand stores as well.   There you can find some slightly used but great pieces for your collections and save big time too.  Who knows, maybe at these stores you can find something unique and one of a kind – even some collectables as well! So if you know a second-hand store in your city, visit it.  And if not – online is full of such websites there you can lose your head while shopping for such fun apparel items.

Ordinary stores
I just love that surprise effect some regular stores have.  Especially then they sell some cool and great geeky lines together with ordinary clothing! For example, such retail giant you never thought could sell geeky stuff – Target – has an exclusive Star Wars line! There you will be able to get yourself a special Star Wars pyjamas, and also get a mascara with the logo of this great movie as well!  Not to forget other small stuff too.  And since there are these Target’s coupons I found at ChameleonJohn recently, you can afford all that even better. So – don’t forget that some ordinary store can hide great and truly geeky products on sale as well.

Of course – at specialised geeky stores
I probably don’t even need to mention, but at specialised geeky stores, you can find some great stuff as well! And there are thousands of these stores, some specialised on particular brands, some that sell a mixture of that. But it all are amazing, and all are ready to embrace your geek inside. So start googling the brand! You might find a super great and unusual, specialised e-store. In fact, after that, look for special online coupons too, to make those prices get lower as much as you wish.

I bet I didn't tell you anything new today, but I hope that you got a little bit inspired at least. There are thousands of fantastic stores there you can shop at and, of course, there are some ways how to make all these purchases a lot cheaper. So – enjoy shopping, being a geek and have a great time looking unique!


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  1. Etsy is a great place to find items too! Or even Ebay!


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