5 Fandom Friday - Subscription Boxes

Whilst the love Nerdy Girlie over at Female Geek Bloggers take a week off from the Fandom Friday listing, it's pretty much a free for all this week, so I've chosen - My top 5 Mystery Boxes.  For those who read my babblings will know I'm a HUGE geek box fan!

I am rather excited to have recently subscribed to Nerd Blocks Sci-Fi theme, but as I am yet to receive it (and I just KNOW it would feature in my top 5)..... I'm working on what I've already received.

No. 5 is Nerd Block - I like the variety and as a POP or T-shirt is not guaranteed than there is room for all sorts of goodies to be delivered.

No. 4 is the Qwerkibox-Deluxe - bit on the expensive side, and the american treats are readily available in WHSmiths (of all places!) so not such a big deal for me these days, but the personal attention and customer services is excellent.

Joint 2nd (I know, I just can't choose between them)
Infinity crate which is superB at getting the personal preference in a box and the uber Kawaii Box straight from Japan.

Like I said I can't choose between them and so both merit the 2nd spot for completely different reasons.

My favourite subscription box (for now, lets just keep our options forever open) is the Marvel Collector corp box - I'm loving these!  I do like that the POPs are exclusive, some of the Tees have been a bit mediocre but the other 'bits' that you get make it great.  I can't fault it so far, there has been something for each one of us every time - and the Hulk Buster was excellent!

Do you subscribe to any geeky boxes?  I'd love to hear about them.

Happy Fandom Friday 


  1. Man. It's kinda crazy how many different boxes are out there! And I know Funko is coming out with a Star Wars and a DC option soon!

  2. a great round up! That pink Kawaii box looks so cute x

    1. The Kawaii one is so delightful, I love it. Maybe Miss T would like to review one?


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