Autumn - my favourite shows have returned

Isn't autumn a great season?  As the nights start to draw in and the evenings start to feel a little bit chilly.. but not too much... just enough for a snuggle in drinking hot chocolate and maybe a blanket sneaking its way over your feet.  Its time.

It's time for the old favourites to return home and to watch them one day soon on a Panasonic 4K TV - here are my top 5 shows that make my Autumn viewing complete:

The Doctor (come on that can't be a surprise...just look at my wallpaper!).  I have grown to love Capaldi as quickly as I grew to love Smith, maybe quicker!  I can't work out if that makes me fickle or not.

The bloodsuckers are back!  Having read the Vampire diaries I was quite keen to see Klaus get killed off... until he appears in the show and now I'm rather pleased a) he's nothing like the character in the book and b) he has his own show!  So I get 2 lots of vampires to snuggle down with - Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

A new one for me this autumn is a program I binge-watched over the summer, and it's one that I really didn't think I'd like, let alone love Once Upon a Time.  I'm not even sure why this works for me, maybe because there is no clear good versus bad, you end up rooting for Regina - you know the evil stepmother to Snow White - now that can't be right, can it?  She is quite possibly my favourite character though - the evil... trying to be a good Queen.

But best of all, now in season 11 so it's kind of touch and goes here if there will even be the next season..... I know, hush my mouth!.....................

With all the aliens, evils and demons on-screen - best counteract that with some hot, good guys in the world - Supernatural.

I haven't added the Walking Dead to my list.  I'm just as shocked as you guys are but that one I can take it or leave it a few weeks and watch them as and when.  The above, well they must be watched the second I can get under my TARDIS blanket!!

What are your favourite shows back on for Autumn or have you found any new ones?


  1. I love Supernatural! I think it's had a slow start this season, but I can never resist it!

    1. I know what you mean. I think after quite intense ending to last season, I'm happy for slow... for now :)


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