Look in my Letterbox #5

Look In My Letterbox Number 5

Considering this is my favourite linky, I'm a bit pants at keeping up to date with this one with almost a month between posts 4 and 5, but to be fair, there hasn't really been much coming through the letterbox and a lot of what has come through has been Christmas presents.

I can see this possibly being my last link before Christmas - mainly due to the lack of funds now all Christmas presents are bought and also due to time, whilst I love my blog, I love my friends and family more and this is the time we make an extra special effort to see everyone (shouldn't be the case, but being realistic, it kind of is!).

So I have a bargain, a freebie, a review and something for me this week.

The One for Me - SciFi Nerd Block
I'm starting with the one for me!  I've received many geek boxes and whilst I have had the Nerd Block in the past, this is the new Sci-Fi block - which appears to be my forte as I love this one!!!!  You'll have to come back for a full review of this box later in the year.... next year... somewhen....

Hulkbuster interactive bargain
I've written about the wonderful Camel website and the bargains that are to be had over on Amazon, so when I saw the £35 Hulkbuster interactive drop down to £15 - well that was a must-have!  We do have a very large selection of Titan 12" superheroes but this is one we just could not justify buying at its original price - so we are going to have one very happy boy Christmas day.

the Stick to Stigu review
This week's review package is from Stigu, and I'm off to write the review for this next so you'll have to come back next week to see what I thought of this - but a little teaser - I LOVE IT!!! If you follow my Instagram you'll have already seen a sneak preview of this planner and me saying how much I love it on there too!

Creating a Bug hotel
My last piece through the post recently is from the RSPB which I've used as a guide to building our bug hotel.  I'm also planning on building a hedgehog house and possibly a small pond to attract the frogs and toads - my neighbour's garden is a bit of a jungle so I'm unsure if we'll get much wildlife really as his garden must be like paradise for them!  I would show a picture of his garden, but in all honesty, I think that might be a bit rude.

Those are the bits that came through, have you had anything exciting?

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  1. I've only recently started using the Camel website after seeing you recommending it you can definitely hunt down a few bargains!
    Thanks for linking up with #LIML


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