Fandom Friday : Favourite Late To The Game TV Discoveries

I've only managed 1 post this month for Fandom Friday and totally gutted I missed the Netflix and Chill as that is my life when all is quiet in the house!

Anyway, this week's theme as you can tell by the title is late to the game TV discoveries and if I'm not there from the start I do need about 4/5 people to recommend a show before I start binge-watching it - I can't keep trying to watch Game of Thrones.... (Shocker right!) but I've tried this program 3 times now after 4 episodes in its just not grabbing me!

So what have I missed at the time but since all caught up on? Well let's do this in order of Love:

American Horror Story
I'd somehow managed to miss the first 2 seasons of this and my partner was halfway through season 3 before I knew about it.  Rather than try and catch up on what he was watching (and let's face it, annoying the pants off him asking questions!) I binge-watched seasons 1,2,3 caught up for Freak Show but can not for the life of me get into Hotel!  I want to!  I want to love it, but just can't!

This may possibly be my favourite moment of the entire series....

Caught wind of how good this program was via this very group, Female Geek Bloggers.  Last month I received Zoe as a Funko Pop in my Nerd Block Sci-Fi box so I thought, hell lets do this - and within 3 weeks I'd watched the whole season, and I am now as sad as everyone else that it did not continue on!
Zoe POP from my Nerd Block Sci Fi Theme

Once Upon A Time
No idea what made me start watching this, I wouldn't have it down as my sort of thing, but I love this!  I do, no shame here, I adore the program and binge-watched several seasons in one go - in fact, it took me a couple of months to catch up.  I adore Regina and was very much a fan of Miss Swan's until this season - I'm really not loving the Dark Swan and I think we're all falling in love with Hook right?

I got talked into watching this one by one of my good friends.  To start with I wasn't having any of this!  Grew up watching Sherlock Holmes and prejudged this one based on childhood memories and then when I was told these were 1.5 hours long - whaaa?  These are mini movies!!  But, I watched the first one, fell in love with it, and now bang up to date :-)
Sherlock is no Angel

Breaking Bad
I binge-watched the entire box set in about 5 weeks if that.  I could not get enough of this program!  Loved it, totally got what the hype was about and was right there ready for Saul.  Excellent program! I may have to watch this one all over again.
How doesn't love Breaking Bad

Finally, I am forever grateful for sitting at home feeling sorry for myself at 11pm one night flicking through the channels and braving a brand new program about to start called Supernatural - I've never looked back :-) 
I'm sure my love for Dean Winchester is slightly unhealthy.....


  1. I was late to Sherlock but after watching a few episodes, I realized it wasn't for me!

    1. I think Sherlock is a bit marmite - I really thought I'd hate it but loved it and enjoyed all 3 seasons - but not sure on the Christmas special though

  2. I love breaking bad and better call saul was just as amazing!

    1. Did they cut Better call Saul? I bloody loved it!! x


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