How to Re-usable writing pages


This week I want to show you 2 parcels that came through the post this week in connection to helping Max learn to write.

A few weeks ago I bought the Writing Workbook for 3-5-year-olds and Max loved it.  He went through it rather quickly which is great, but also means I needed to buy a second book if I wanted him to carry on practising!

How to keep using the same practice book

Although these books are reasonably priced at £2.69, I can't keep buying the same book over and again.  The pencil will only last so long on these pages before wearing thin or through the book.  So, I decided to buy some Learning Resources Wipe Clean pockets - and these are a Godsend!!

Write and Wipe Learning Pockets

They cost me £12, but worth every penny!  I tore out the pages (which I felt slightly naughty about for some reason!) and placed 2 in each pocket.  I  joined the pockets together with a key-ring chain - and my boy loves it!

Using wipe and clean pockets to repeat practice

My son's seal of approval

So, did you receive anything exciting in the post this week?



  1. what a brilliant educational resources. x

  2. what a brilliant idea! i think ill have to get some for Caleb!

    1. I love that they just wipe clean. Saving me a fortune it is

  3. That's a great idea, I bought my little girl a book like that from poundland at the weekend and she's already completed it so might give your idea a try.

    1. My boy loves this set. I have it hanging up in the dining room and he just picks it up and takes it to the table.


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