Creating Busy Bags for kids

Joining in with Alice's linky 'LIML', I thought I would share with you this week the craft items that came through the door.  I received various pieces that I had ordered to create busy bags for my son.

I had seen a video clip on my facebook page from an American crafting mummy who had created these busy bags for her children (I would add the link but I see a lot of craft videos on my page and I can't currently find the one I want).  Unfortunately, the folders used for the busy bags were in America and when I finally sourced them here - they were over £25 for 4!!  That's not happening!

So instead, I had a roam around Amazon and ordered these zip-closure pockets.
I thought I would share with you this week the craft items that came through the door.  I received various pieces that I had ordered to create busy bags for my son.

Not as pretty as the once featured on my facebook newsfeed but also - nowhere near as expensive!  I'm making these busy bags for my son so he can choose his entertainment when he is in the car, waiting for an appointment or in a restaurant.

The idea is to fill the bags up with activities that your child will enjoy and the beauty of this is you can create these when your child is just a baby/toddler and continue until one day maybe they will choose their own items to fill the bags.

There are 5 pockets in a pack and I decided I would use all 5 up, so what did I fill the bags up with?

1. Tesco had a special offer on Lego starter kits and so I purchased one of these and added a small baseboard to it. (Wilkinson's sell Lego equivalent baseboard for half the price)!
2. Stickers
3. Reading Books
4. Activity books
5. Magnetic activity.

Learning to read and write with the magnetic board and letters

The last activity has gone down very well.  I purchased a small magnet board and key stage 1 letters from Amazon.  The two items together cost me just under £10 but worth every penny!  The letters are a bit old for Max at the minute to read, but he's using them to copy and write out instead.

Here are the completed busy bags - my son loves it!

Did you have anything exciting come through the post this week?


  1. These busy bags are such a great idea, I've seen them on YouTube as well, I did look for the large pockets when out shopping but couldn't find anything like them.

    1. I know what you mean Angela. Try WHSMiths or stationery section of Tesco?

  2. Great idea! Love the concept of these.

  3. Such a clever idea especially as you can just keep adding as they grow!
    Thanks for linking up with #LIML

    1. Thanks Alice, slacking this week I feel.

  4. This looks a fab idea. When the boys were younger I always used to take a folder of colouring and crafting plus a few balloons and bubbles on holiday in case we didn't find many toys where we were staying.
    And I received a personalised book this week that I had won. I've had it personalised for my niece, as it would have been a bit young for my boys

    1. Love personalised books :-) well done on your win

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